OOTD Spring Time Wear| Taupe Plaid Capri Pants x Light Denim Shirt

This shirt was given in collaboration with Not Sorry Apparel. All opinions are my own.  So I realize I have not worn a true spring time wear on my blog.  Old school light denim shirt and plaid cropped capri pants was the ootd, last Sunday. Literally I married two different brands together and came up with a fun light look featuring my favorite brand Not Sorry Apparel. To be honest, I did not know this outfit was going to come out so cute. I have to admit I was jumping all over the place with my wardrobe. Summer time fine looks, then I was back to transitional pieces… idk I was so confused.  It is super hard to wear a true spring time outfit in Michigan. Michigan weather has been know to be very bipolar in the transitional seasons.  On today’s post I will be showing off my true spring time look. Honestly, I was not sure where I was going with this outfit. I had two different pieces that I did not consider to put together at all. First, I purchase these taupe plaid cropped capri pants from Target. They have a fairly new brand called Who What Wear, …

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