OOTD Spring Time Wear| Taupe Plaid Capri Pants x Light Denim Shirt

This shirt was given in collaboration with Not Sorry Apparel. All opinions are my own. 

So I realize I have not worn a true spring time wear on my blog.  Old school light denim shirt and plaid cropped capri pants was the ootd, last Sunday. Literally I married two different brands together and came up with a fun light look featuring my favorite brand Not Sorry Apparel. To be honest, I did not know this outfit was going to come out so cute.

I have to admit I was jumping all over the place with my wardrobe. Summer time fine looks, then I was back to transitional pieces… idk I was so confused.  It is super hard to wear a true spring time outfit in Michigan. Michigan weather has been know to be very bipolar in the transitional seasons.  On today’s post I will be showing off my true spring time look.

Taupe Plaid Cropped Capri from Target made this outfit !

Honestly, I was not sure where I was going with this outfit. I had two different pieces that I did not consider to put together at all. First, I purchase these taupe plaid cropped capri pants from Target. They have a fairly new brand called Who What Wear, who had really stylish chic pieces. I ran across these cropped pants in a size 16, available in plus size. my first initial glance I was not sure that they would fit. When I tried them on in the fitting I fell madly in love with the fit. It is so had to find structure pants to fit my wide hips and small waist properly. Another pro to these pants is that they stretch and feature discreet zipper on the side. At Target the pants retail for $29.99! Target has been my jam for quite some time! Coming through with that fire!

Light Vintage Denim Shirt from Not Sorry Apparel

Lastly, I completed this look with a light denim top. You can say this was someone’s granny shirt. It definitely had a vintage feel to it. It featured pearl accents, very reminiscent of a country day. On the back of the shirt “Detroit Not Sorry” is print. Again I love this shirt because I carrying my city in my back! Denim shirt was upcyle by Not Sorry Apparel. If you want to know more about upcycling fashion, check my post out here.

Sidenote: Have fun with my accessories with this outfit. I played with a lot of different metals: gold, pearl, and silver accents

Light Denim Shirt// Not Sorry Apparel

Who What Wear Mid Rise Cropped Cropped Pants// Target (Plus Size)

Chinese Laundry Cecilia Platform Oxford// Nordstrom


“Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”


Location: Dearborn, Michigan- Random Office Space 🙂

Photographer: My mom took the photos and I did the editing. Sheesh I think my mom and I are a great team. She always come through for me!

What do you like to wear in the spring time? Is your weather all over the place where your from? How do you dress yourself in transitional seasons?

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