How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Wardrobe

I wanted to express that this look was inspired by the late Kate Spade. Her love for pop of colors and polka dots was really inspiration and showed up a lot in her bags and other items.  Kate Spade will definitely be missed, she was one of the main reason why I got so into fashion. look inspired by Kate Spade- “The Things We Love”  great coffee table book If you could take a look at my closet you will see that most of my clothes  are  black and white or  neutral colors… not many colors. I have to consciously remind myself that you need more colors, you love color. What is is the problem. Either I am constantly reaching for my jeans, black body con, or graphic tees. How can I bring a small dose of color to my everyday looks?   So my number 1  way to add a pop of color to my outfits are through my handbags.  Now most of friends will say I always see you with a backpack. That is true,  I prefer to keep my hands free however I love handbags. Anyway, my love for handbag started when I got my first Coach purse for Christmas. I …

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