How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Wardrobe

I wanted to express that this look was inspired by the late Kate Spade. Her love for pop of colors and polka dots was really inspiration and showed up a lot in her bags and other items.  Kate Spade will definitely be missed, she was one of the main reason why I got so into fashion.

look inspired by Kate Spade- “The Things We Love”  great coffee table book

If you could take a look at my closet you will see that most of my clothes  are  black and white or  neutral colors… not many colors. I have to consciously remind myself that you need more colors, you love color. What is is the problem. Either I am constantly reaching for my jeans, black body con, or graphic tees. How can I bring a small dose of color to my everyday looks?   So my number 1  way to add a pop of color to my outfits are through my handbags.  Now most of friends will say I always see you with a backpack. That is true,  I prefer to keep my hands free however I love handbags. Anyway, my love for handbag started when I got my first Coach purse for Christmas. I think I was maybe 10 or 11. My mom calls it my “training purse”.  I love handbags because it goes with me everywhere. It can be worn up or done and completes my look.  A handbag carry all my most important things I need with me everyday.  The love for handbag grew more and more for because I felt the need to coordinate it with my look of the day ! A handbag is the way I express my personality and my sense of colors …..

Now if you are not a purse lover like me, there are a few others ways to bring color to your outfit.

Other ways to add color to your outfits ?

  • Add a vibrant pop of colors to your nails
  • Maybe a colorful pump or shoe
  • Poppin lip color
  • Nice belt
  • Flattering scarf
  • Earrings
  • Bright color jacket



Pink like the halls of your heart

-Janelle Monáe -Pynk


So I was going to the store with my mom.  You know how you first go into Target, you find yourself right in front of the women clothes. I have tried so many times to come out of Target with exactly what I need only. No, I came across this cute polka dress. Now this dress is outside my normal attire. I love cool, edgy outfits ……. I am street theme kinda girl . However, we all have to step out of comfort zone when it comes to fashion.

My mom made me try it on! Yall really need to understand how much I hate trying on clothes at the store. I don’t really know why I just know I don’t like… maybe because sometimes it leads to disappointment.  Anyway, I love how tall this dress makes me appear and I love the polka dots.  It is super comfortable and it is not tight at all.  After trying it on my mom said you need some shoes to go with it.. Let’s go for color my mom said.  We came across a pink chunky pump… the shoes in the picture. I tried them one and pair them with the shoes. Super cute.  I was so impressed.  Lastly I ran across the crossbody , the same color as the shoes and yes!!! it was on sale. So I go the whole outfit from Target. Oh yeah I only came into Target for a lip liner ! So I add a pop of color to this fit by incorporating the colorful shoes and purse.

The only downsize to this dress that little cut open area makes it really hard for me to hide my bra. I did try it without my bra however my under boobs were showing. That was my only concern. However the dress is super cute and chic. It so girly and flirty and I love it. You can wear this dress on super sunny day in the city or walk on a unpaved country road. It just does it.

White & Black Button Down Knot Polka Dot Midi Dress// Target (LINK) **On Sale**

Magenta Krysten Block Heel Pumps// Target (LINK)

Magenta Mini Camera Crossbody Bag// Target (LINK)

Location- Mexicantown – La Gloria Bakery

Photographer: My lovely mother !


How are you going to add color to your wardrobe ? 

let me know in the comments below ! 

push forward.







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