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Single Life Series | Why You Should Start Romancing Yourself?

Hmm…. who said you had to be in a relationship with someone to have romance? For myself, I am a single woman and I refuse to sit around and wait for someone to romance me. I am going use my time that I have alone to romance myself. The best love comes from self anyway, Right? Romancing yourself is ones way of taking life into their own hands. You get to know yourself and spend time with all the things that you enjoy and that give pleasure. On today’s post, I am sharing why you should start romancing yourself . In addition, I am sharing a few ways on how you can start romancing yourself. When it comes to romance, we  all expect it to come from our partners,a lover, or significant other. Romances is affection, we need it.  It is in our nature to want to be love. When romance is absent in a relationship it can be dull. So we might seek it out from someone else. Why seek it out from someone else when we can get it from ourselves. What about the relationship with have with ourselves. It is a relationship, and we have to take …

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