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Single Life Series | Why You Should Start Romancing Yourself?

Hmm…. who said you had to be in a relationship with someone to have romance? For myself, I am a single woman and I refuse to sit around and wait for someone to romance me. I am going use my time that I have alone to romance myself. The best love comes from self anyway, Right?

Romancing yourself is ones way of taking life into their own hands. You get to know yourself and spend time with all the things that you enjoy and that give pleasure. On today’s post, I am sharing why you should start romancing yourself . In addition, I am sharing a few ways on how you can start romancing yourself.

When it comes to romance, we  all expect it to come from our partners,a lover, or significant other. Romances is affection, we need it.  It is in our nature to want to be love. When romance is absent in a relationship it can be dull. So we might seek it out from someone else. Why seek it out from someone else when we can get it from ourselves. What about the relationship with have with ourselves. It is a relationship, and we have to take care of it. This leads me to tell my story.

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My Story

Well I must say I started taking my relationship with myself seriously I have been single for many years. Some of it was by choice, however must of it was forced upon me unwilling. No matter how hard I tried, a real relationship was not in the cards. It seem like I was waiting or looking for someone to make me feel whole or important.

So, I reached an epiphany with some of my closes friends. They told me that I needed to embrace being single. Use my time to get to know myself. Build up my relationship with myself. What do you need and want? What you like?….. all that good stuff. When I embrace my single life, I learn to love myself that much harder, without some being their to make happy. I encourage you honey to learn your love language in the process. If you don’t know your, here is where you can find out. My single life lead me to “romancing myself”.

Why You Should Romance Yourself?

We should all romance ourselves because it is important to our self care, and improves our self love. Romancing ourselves is process…. it can be hard, and sometimes you might hate it and think it’s stupid. Know this honey, you are worth it. Take some time time, some commitment to self, and care, romancing will be breeze.

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7 Ways To Romance Yourself 

  1. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers. I always wanted a man to send me flowers just because. So I’ll treat myself to lovely bouquet of roses or sunflowers just because. Why not and who doesn’t like flowers!
  2. Take yourself out on a date. What would be an ideal date? Use that time to treat yourself to date. Night on the town. Eat at a fancy restaurant. Movie? Or explore an art museum.
  3. TMI – explore your sexuality. This one is self explanatory- how do you want it, and what do you need to make you feel……mmhmmm *wink wink*
  4. Breakfast In Bed. I would love someone to make me breakfast and bring it to my bedside. It is such a romantic gesture. Well I say… take a day off from work. Get up make yourself some breakfast. Put it on a nice tray… Girl you did it for you sis… because you matter!
  5. Affirm yourself. I learn that my love language is “Words of Affirmation”. So I recite to myself positive affirmation to myself. I tell myself all the time that “I am worthy”. The more you affirm the more you believe. The more you believe…. well you manifest! If you don’t know you love language, here is how you can find out.
  6. Bare It All. I want my partner to admire and eye my body. Until then I challenge you to get naked. Admire every curve and dent on you. Praise your body, and your hair. Praise everything about you.
  7. Be in the Moment. Get out of the rat race, and be in the moment with you. Maybe silence your phone-don’t check your text. Eat your food slowly. Take some time to feel the music and just dance. Check in with your inner child. Idk…. just take sometime to live and be in the moment. Don;’t take your time for granted.

Bonus. You can never go wrong with pampering yourself. Manicure and/or pedicure. Or how about a nice bubble bath. Hmm, you can write yourself a love letter is my favorite. Lastly, To be selfless… you can always spend time with those that really care about you!

Note: Romancing oneself can be practice that can take you all year round, not just on Valentine’s Day.

What are some ways you are going start romancing yourself ?

When we embrace and form a habit of romancing ourselves… that love and affection our partner give will be the cherry on the top of our sundae.

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Photographer: Alayna | Me, Myself, and I 😊

How would you romance yourself?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope February is an amazing month for you.

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