4 Reason Why You Should Follow Your Own Path

Everyone wants to live a life that is uniquely theirs and loving it! I know that is something I want for myself. To live a life that I love, doing things I love.  When I was younger I had my life completely plan out differently. I knew I was going to go art school. I was going to be married with a child and have a successful career as an art director by age of 25.  I believe this to be true for me because I was following my parent’s model (what they laid out for me) & societal pressures. To be honest, I put a lot of pressure on myself on what society thinks of womanhood.  To be right type of black woman, you have to be smart, save yourself for right on, be modest, fix your hair, go to school, don’t be so aggressive…. The list goes on. I figured out now,  that I can choose my own path. I do not have to follow a particular path to satisfy my parents or society. I am my own person! All my parent’s had to do was raise me up. Simply society is all over the place, they don’t …

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