4 Reason Why You Should Follow Your Own Path

Everyone wants to live a life that is uniquely theirs and loving it! I know that is something I want for myself. To live a life that I love, doing things I love.  When I was younger I had my life completely plan out differently. I knew I was going to go art school. I was going to be married with a child and have a successful career as an art director by age of 25.  I believe this to be true for me because I was following my parent’s model (what they laid out for me) & societal pressures. To be honest, I put a lot of pressure on myself on what society thinks of womanhood.  To be right type of black woman, you have to be smart, save yourself for right on, be modest, fix your hair, go to school, don’t be so aggressive…. The list goes on.

I figured out now,  that I can choose my own path. I do not have to follow a particular path to satisfy my parents or society. I am my own person! All my parent’s had to do was raise me up. Simply society is all over the place, they don’t know whats right for us.  Why trust something that is inconsistent. We are the drivers of our own life, no one else.  We have to be satisfy with our own life, period pooh!.  On today’s blog post I will share a few ways on how to follow your own path, and why you should.

Disclaimer: Let me be clear, if this is how you want to live your life that is fine, I just saying these is not what I want for me, my life.

She silently stepped out of the race that she never wanted to be in, found her own lane and proceeded to win.



So I asked  myself is this me? Can I really reach my full potential using societies model or my parent’s. Go to school, land a successful career, get married and have babies. I knew I was not satisfy with only this, so I drew out my own plan.

How to make your own path?

  1. You should learn to trust yourself and listen to your own intuition. What is your gut say? You know what works for you and no one can tell you any different.
  2. Don’t follow others:  You do not have to be like everyone else. Please don’t accept going with the flow. Get up and shake the table, step outside the rate race. Allow yourself to be different and do something different.
  3. Your going to be scared, it’s normal: Fear is apart of life. You have to learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  4.  Failure comes along with the territory. Have a fall back plan. If something is telling you keep sticking to it, then do it.  (Remember trust your intuition) If you have failed at something it is not the end all. Go back to the drawing board, regroup, learn from your past hiccups, and push forward.
  5. Remember to never give up: Simple, never give up on yourself or dreams.

Why you should follow your own path?

  1. Less fear of failure: Creating a lane for yourself will open the door for trail and error. That opens the door for failure. You can have you get comfortable with being uncomfortable. To be honest, failure is definitely unpleasant but there is always something you can learn from it.
  2. Freedom to BE YOU authentically: Living a life that does not align with you are truly are you can suffer immensely. I use to want to be popular in school. However being popular in high school
  3. You can be an inspiration for others: Creating your own path can inspire others to live their truth and crave out their own path. Bringing life to path can make it more acceptable and accessible for others.

With all this information don’t have any shame in following your own path. Be you, and follow your dreams. Work towards building more for yourself, and explore. When I learn to be aware of how I was living for approval from others, it help me counteract it.  Following my passions of creativity, blogging, and photography open up more opportunities for me. I finally feel like I am steering my life.

How are you going to work on following your own path?

Share with me in the comment section other ways to help with writer’s block . Let’s talk sis!!

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push forward.


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