Black Girl Sunscreen| Will This Protect My Melanin?| Product Review

Black does not crack! Well what I have to say to that is if you do not take care of it properly then it will certainly wear. Drinking water, minding your business, and a good SPF can have you skin in tip top shape. Speaking of SPF I purchase the Black Girl Sunscreen from Target. This product is just in time for the summer. Detroit is seriously heating up, Okay! I need all the protection I can get from the hot sun. Hmm, maybe Jackie Ania, a Youtuber, brainwashed me into using SPF lol.Β  I have not use SPF in quite some time. Anyway I am trying out sunscreen, on my body, for the first time since I was a young girl in summer camp. On today’s blog post I will be reviewing the “Black Girl Sunscreen“. Before I get into this review, let me tell you a few reasons why I never wore sunscreen. I know my kinfolks can understand my gripe with sunscreens, in general. First, I believe that my darker skin already protected me from the sun. Sunscreen protection was not something we discuss as much growing up Sunscreen I though was another product to waste my …

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