Black Girl Sunscreen| Will This Protect My Melanin?| Product Review

Black does not crack! Well what I have to say to that is if you do not take care of it properly then it will certainly wear. Drinking water, minding your business, and a good SPF can have you skin in tip top shape. Speaking of SPF I purchase the Black Girl Sunscreen from Target. This product is just in time for the summer.

Detroit is seriously heating up, Okay! I need all the protection I can get from the hot sun. Hmm, maybe Jackie Ania, a Youtuber, brainwashed me into using SPF lol.  I have not use SPF in quite some time. Anyway I am trying out sunscreen, on my body, for the first time since I was a young girl in summer camp. On today’s blog post I will be reviewing the “Black Girl Sunscreen“.

Before I get into this review, let me tell you a few reasons why I never wore sunscreen. I know my kinfolks can understand my gripe with sunscreens, in general.

  • First, I believe that my darker skin already protected me from the sun.
  • Sunscreen protection was not something we discuss as much growing up
  • Sunscreen I though was another product to waste my money on.
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  • When I wore sunscreen, only on my face, it leaves my dark skin with a white cast/ residue or sometimes purple cast! Who wants to look like Barney.
  • Hard to absorb- rubbing into my skin forever
  • Hate the smell

So I decide to unpack and debunk my thoughts on sunscreen and try out the sunscreen.

My Thoughts on Black Girl Sunscreen

That leads me to say that this product is amazing! I tested this product on my skin for whole week, the first week of July, hottest it has been this month. First, the Black Girl Sunscreen does not leave that awful white cast/ residue on my skin. It applies like a lotion, which make it very easy to rub in and absorbs quickly. This product can be worn on the face and/or body. Another pro to this sunscreen is that dries clear. Lastly, this product can be worn under my makeup. To my highly “melanated”folks, I think I found the perfect sunscreen for us. Let me also mention that product is free from harsh and harmful active chemicals, such as Oxybenzone & Octinoxate (known to mess with your hormones).

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You can purchase this product at selected Targets for $15.99 and Black Girl Sunscreen site for $18.99. So if you want to start embarking on a better skin care regimen, you should start off with sunscreen.

Please not you can check out these other sunscreen products, Bolden, Supergoop, & Moroccanoil, know to work well with darker complexions. Sunscreen is a necessity for all skin complexions. (Note: For dark complexions any thing over SPF 50 is not necessary to have. If you are among the fair side then a higher grade of SPF can be used).

Why We Need Sunscreen?

  • Sunscreen protects are skin from all UVB And UVA rays. Our melanin is very special but can’t protect us from all damaging rays.
  • Our skin can sunburn, so sunscreen protects us from burning and peeling from the sun.
  • The sun can age our  skin. Sunscreen protects our skin from winkles and dryness.

So yes I am loving this product. Skincare has been very important to me for quite sometime.  I am in my late twenties so trying to fight the fight against dry skin and premature wrinkle has been a battle. Wearing sunscreen is a great start to an awesome skin care and protection your magic sis. Again, this product can be found at BLK+GRN, selected Target stores or online, and Black Girl Sunscreen site.

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Do you where sunscreen?

What made you not wear sunscreen? 

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk sis!!

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