Dealing With My Scars in True & Co Intimate Apparel

Dealing With My Scars in True & Co Intimate Apparel

This post was done in collaboration with True & Co – but trust, all opinions are my own. #truebody #togetherwearetrue #sponsored

What is something you are insecure about? We all are insecure about something. I have tons of insecurities. Speaking of insecurities, my biggest one has to be my skin.  On the blog today I will be share my painful story about my skin how I am dealing with it as an adult. What so special about this post is that I am collaborating with with True&Co,  an intimate apparel brand.  Their focus is to help women feel comfortable in their skin. Certainly got me out of my comfort zone and made me feel comfortable in my skin. As a grown woman now I learning to walk and be proud in my skin.  I am showing off my resilience and endurance.

My skin trouble started as a little girl. I can remember it being a total problem when I started going to school and summer camp  My body was riddle with small bumps, scaly skin, and dry patches. I had eczema and my skin was super sensitive to everything. For whatever reason, my eczema would flare up in my inner arms, and behind my legs. Coming of age, I could never wear cute costume jewelry growing up. I could only wear 14kt gold. I would get a huge rash on my neck. Sheesh. I had to constantly carry funny smelling cremes and shea butter to counteract the itch.  Living with skin like mine was a constant battle. I can still remember crying telling my mom about how kids use to tease me about my skin. I will never forget at summer camp, this girl was afraid to sit next to me on the bus. She was pointing at my arms in disgust.  “Is that contagious” she said loudly. At that moment I was hurt and embarrass. Why me?

Featuring the True Body Lift V Neck Racerback Bra in Bronzed | Size: XL

Now I am grown up and I don’t have the flare up like I use to as kid.  However I am still reminded by those little circular scares and patches left behind on my body.  I treat my scars with raw shea butter, coco butter, and self love. To learn other ways to conquer body insecurities, check out this post. Shea butter smooths my skin while the coco butter helps with scaring and hyerpigmentation. If I have a break out my cream is my right hand sis. My scars are me and I refuse to look at them negatively. I am in love with my #truebody

So I teamed up with True&Co and force myself yet again to get in from of the camera bare it all. I am featuring the seamless bras in  and panties from their True Body Collection.  These products claims to be invisible under the clothes and to give you a nice lift.  Let me just say I have never worn a bra and panty set that was sooo comfortable.  The bras gave my girls a nice life while giving me just enough padding. The padding was easy to remove and easy to adjust.

I was sent the True Body Life V Neck Racerback Bra, True Body Scoop Neck Bra, and 2  True Body Hipster in the shades bronzed and mink in size XL. First, I love that they had different colors other than “traditional nudes”. They had shades that compliment different skin tones and complexions  Secondly, they were super seamless.  The bras and panty from True Body Collection will have you believing you have nothing own under your clothes.  Lastly, I love how stylish the bras were. My favorite has to be the V Neck Racerback bra in bronzed. I can really get away with wearing this out in public in the summer time. That is how cute it is!!

The True Body Bras retail from $44 – $58 and size ranges extend to 42DDD/F. In addition True Underwear start at $16 and size ranges XL. NOTE: I do think they need to extend there sizes True Body Underwear. Anyway, I do see myself ordering other bras and set from this collection. It is just that comfortable, OKAY !!

Featuring the True Body Scoop Neck Bra and Tre Body Hipters in the shade Mink  | Size XL

“Insecurity kills all that is beautiful.”


Location: My Home

What is something you are insecure about? Have you overcome it? If so, what did you do to get past it ?

Share with me in the comment section.

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For the Love of Gold featuring Trinkets and Such

For the Love of Gold featuring Trinkets and Such

This post was done in collaboration with Trinkets and Such – but trust, all opinions are my own. #trinketsandsuch™ #sponsored

Do you love jewelry? Lately, I have had my eyes focused on jewelry and accessories. Those little dainty pieces alone can add so much class and flavor to a look.  Did you know I am a big fan of gold jewelry?!  I was exposed to gold jewelry at a young age. I was once allergic to costume jewelry so the only thing I could wear was 14kt gold. Since then I have grown out of my allergy and I can wear whatever I want. However, my love of gold jewelry never went anywhere.  It increased over the years because the selection has expanded.  Anklets, bracelets, earrings, and chains. So I almost lost my mind when I was given a chance to collaborate with Trinkets and Such, that has so many beautiful GOLD pieces and more that I admire.

Trinkets and Such is a gift shop for taste makers based in the city of Detroit! Curated by Daisha, a Detroit native, prides her brand on giving shoppers quality collections, and effortless essentials. What really make them stand out from the rest are their hand stamp semi fine jewelry and the complimenting pieces. On today’s blog post I will be sharing my love of gold through these super cute statements from Trinkets!


I guess you can say I am the millennial version of  Austin Power’s Goldmember. Does anyone remember that movie? LOL Gold represent so much to me… success, elegance, and confidences. I love it! Also,  gold jewelry really complement my complexion.  It add warmth and completes all my looks. So is not surprise how easily I fell in love with the bamboo pendant.  This necklace can stand on it’s one or you can layer it up with other simplistic necklaces or a hand stamped bar necklace. I am thinking about layer this necklace with other. Do you want to see how I layers my necklaces? Let me know in the comment section below. I really love this necklace because it is not super heavy on my neck. Also the pendant comes with adjustable chain which is a plus.  You can get any letter of your choice. Of course I went with the letter “A” for Alayna, my name. 🙂   You can get this necklace for $22. Not bad at all! My favorite!

Lastly, I love earrings.  These linked earrings are an edgy and cool addition to my everyday street style fashion. I feel like this earrings can bring value to white shirt and jeans kinda day.  Maybe you can add them to a polish look. You know! Anyway these earrings definitely stand alone.The earrings are super lightweight and they come with disc earrings backs. You can get these earrings for $12 dollars!

Olivia Bamboo Pendant// Trinkets and Such

Rashida Link Earrings// Trinkets and Such

Make sure you check out Trinkets and Such website and take a look at their cute trinkets and compliment pieces. Sidenote: A little birdy told me that she will have some new products are coming soon. Make sure you follow @trinketsandsuch_ on Instagram to get the latest updates on products and more.


” Jewelry is like the perfect spice- 

it always complements what’s already there.”

-Diane Von Furstenberg


Location: Detroit, MI

Photographer: Myself/ Alayna aka FashionLayn

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Daisha, for collaborating with me and being so kind! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy this post.

So I hope you all enjoyed my mini review of these products. So thankful that I am able to align myself with a brand that wants to give their shoppers a great experience. That what I want for y’all, as the readers.

Do you where jewelry? What kind of jewelry/ accessories do you love? Do you like statement or simplistic pieces? Do you love gold or silver jewelry? 

Let me know in the comment section. Lets have a conversation about it.

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