Taste of Summer| Hawaiian Shirt from Not Sorry Apparel

Taste of Summer| Hawaiian Shirt from Not Sorry Apparel

This shirt was given in collaboration with Not Sorry Apparel. All opinions are my own.

Festival season is in full swing. If I was at Coachella right now I would be wearing this Hawaiian shirt, representing my city, and being unapologetic about. I love to look at all the fun outfits and colorful look that are inspired from Coachella and all the other festivals to come.

Now when I initially went to the Not Sorry Apparel’s shop, a festival inspired look was not on my mind. I was clueless… I had not the slightest idea on what I wanted to do. So I started flipping through the racks and there it was.  I stop right at this Hawaiian, tropical print shirt. The light went off in my head and my inspirational juices started to flow. PARADISE!

“Find paradise wherever I go”


fullsizeoutput_2c3cSo with this look  I decided to skip over spring and jumping straight into to warm summer vibes. This over sized Hawaiian shirt from Not Sorry Apparel is just want I need to put me back in my fun-loving spirit.  Definitely having a tropical state of mind!! Yo So this weekend my mom and I went downtown to get a couple of photos of this festive top. If you didn’t know I partner up with Not Sorry Apparel showcasing a street style look.  Not Sorry Apparel know as a brand that rebrand and upcycle pre-love clothing to help rid the world of pollution! Please make sure you check them out on Instagram @notsorryapparel and NotSorryApparel.com 

So yes I have sprang forward, giving y’all a taste of summer, honey.  I might not be at Coachella or on topical island… but I giving y’all a bit of paradise in the city. Natural and tropical/ botanical prints is on trend.  So I naturally thought a Hawaiian shirt would go well with cream color linen pants. It not so warm in Detroit just yet so I decided to go for thicker bottom. So I went for these Universal Thread cream denim jean from Target. These jeans are high-waisted jeans that fit perfectly to my silhouette. The jeans are super stretchy and provide a comfortable fit. I got these jean in a regular fit however for my curvy sis you can get the same exact jeans in plus size! Such a great fit and they retail at $27.99. Let now focus on the shoes. I added to the outfit were yellow slingback block heel sandals from Old Navy. These shoes were also comfortable and easy to wear. You will see these shoes in a lot more outfits for the season.

Hawaiian Shirt// Not Sorry Apparel

High Rise Button Fly Fray Skinny Jeans// Target

Slingback Block Heel Sandals // Old Navy


The last element added to this look were plant inspired gold jewelry and natural aesthetics. The gold monstera leaf drop earrings from Forever 21 was just want I needed to complete this tropical look.  I purchase these roughly a year ago so I do not remember how much I spent on them. However if you are looking for a similar, check this pair from Forever21. To add a extra kick to the fit I added my favorite new bamboo pendant necklace from Trinkets and Such. If you want to learn more about the necklace, check out previous post.  If you want to see a post on all my favorite jewelry, let me know in the comment section. Lastly, the structural straw circular bag was the natural mix that I was looking for. I purchase this bag for $25 at Burlington’s. No need to spend all your money on trends.




Location: Detroit Institute of Arts Museum (DIA)

Photographer: My Momma! & Editing done by me!

Do you like music festivals? If so, What festival have you gone to? If you have not been to one, which music festival would you like to attend? What would you wear to a music festival? Lastly what are you thoughts on this outfit? 

Share with me in the comment section.

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OOTD | How To Wear Neon Colors?

OOTD | How To Wear Neon Colors?

Over the weekend I decided to make a statement by exploring my fun side using neon colors. According to the NYFW and varies magazines, neon colors are on trend for spring 2019.  I was so excited to hear that neons were making a comeback. As a fashion blogger is was super important to me to play around with this trend. So I took to the street of Downtown Detroit and strut my stuff.  Bright bold orange was certainly my muse this weekend. Can you tell a sis was feeling herself ?

Orange is the happiest color! 

-Frank Sinatra

Now before you go “the brighter the better” there is a few questions you need to ask yourself before tackling neon.  Ask yourself how big you want to go? Are you a more subtle or bold? Are you a risk taker when it comes to fashion? Let me tell you I am more of a “subtle sis” when it comes to neons. Less is more.  When I wear clothes I like to make a statement however I don’t want to over do it.  I like for my outfit to be versatile. I want to be able to wear this wherever.

So I picked one neon piece and paired it with neutral colors and prints rather than mixing neon colors. Light brown, beige, or white are great colors to use to pair with neons, if you are going for a more subtle look.  In addition, adding a neon accessory to your wardrobe is another way to go subtle and standout and the same time. This is tip is for my minimalist sis. Now if you know me I quite quirky so I like to have fun with my fashion trends. I am not for all the rules in fashion. My personality has to reflect in my clothes.


FashionLayn Outfit Deets…

I came across this high neck neon orange top from Shein. I had to get it because the shirt was on sale for $9. Can’t beat the price. I also thought the loose high neck was flattery.  The material of this shirt is soft and lightweight with a bit of stretch.  I purchase this shirt in 0XL which is equivalent to sizes 12. It fit to my liking.

Saving Note: When it comes to trends I do not like to spend top dollar. It is trend and it not meant to last. Why would I spend all my coins on something that is temporary?

Anyway I decided to pair this neon orange with my deep black jeans from Burlington. When I initially looked in the mirror all I saw was pumpkin LOL. I had to figure out a way to mute it down. As I was saying before you can mute neon colors down with neutral colors. Light browns, beige, and/ or white.  So, I decided to mute this down with my lightweight light color camouflage jacket from Forever 21. I love camo. The outfit was perfect! Since I am a girl of fashion that does not like following the rules I added my snake skin ankle boots to the mix. These boots are my favorite and they have been on my site nonstop. Who going to check me? lol just kidding.

Sidenote: Now if you are not a big fan of camouflage  like I am, you can pair your vibrant orange shirt with a jean jacket, or olive-green jacket. Also have fun with canvas or cargo like material. 

Neon Orange Plus High Neck Solid Top// Shein

Faux Snakeskin Pointed Toe Ankle// Shein

Lightweight Camouflage Jacket// Forever 21 Old* (Similar)

Black Denim Jeans// Burlington

Solid Oval Sunglasses// Forever 21



Blooper Shot: I was doing the “Harlem Shake” after looking at how bomb the pictures were going out

Location: Downtown Detroit, Michigan

Photographer: Momma. I finally got a new lens for my Canon Rebel T6. The nifty fifty is best lens ever! These pictures came out so clear !

Would you wear neon colors?

If so what color would you try? 

Join the conversation and share with me your thoughts in the comment section.

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