Chapter 8 | August Plan and Goals

August is the summer’s Sunday.  Yes, we are in the home stretch of summer. So it is time to put all your summer plans in motion. We gotta get it all done. Anyway I survived the mercury retrograde! Girl yes! I know I made it by the grace of GOD because I have been transitioning. We are going to say transitioning instead of struggling. So many good things revealed itself in July. I relaunched my blog. The energy that I received from this relaunch is amazing.  I am feeling so good about everything, and I excited to see what’s to come this month. On today’s blog post I will reflect and share my personal goals,  what’s coming to, and a brief fashion report. Fashion Note Since we are towards the end of the summer you can definitely catch all the end of summer sales!  Awesome deals… these stores are trying to make room for the fall  inventory. This is your time to get all your summer clothes on sale for next year or for the reminder of the summer. Hot girl summer girl! For myself, I start researching and reading up on the fall trends and styles. Fall is …

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