DIY: Beautiful & Affordable Photo Backdrop

Here is an inexpensive diy project. Simple cute backdrop for any party! Check this post !!


How to Prepare for a Photoshoot like a PRO?!

I remember my first ever photoshoot as a new blogger. I know I was super excited however I had no clue on what to expect. I had my line sister who was starting out in photography take my pictures.  Any who when I look at the pictures now… I was super stiff, I had a bad resting B face (I thought I was fierce), and I end up getting a bad headache and I felt super nauseous. It was good experience but the aftermath was horrible. I was so ready that I forgot to eat …. this why I am firm believer on being prepare for a photoshoot. The Day Before the Photoshoot: So the day before the photoshoot I am all over the place. I prefer to have everything all set the the night before.  First I lay out my clothes. I make sure that my clothes are pressed out, and I have the right under garments.  Dress Rehearsal are super important to me. I have to try on my fit the night before. I have to see if I need to add something, take something always. I just want to make sure that I love the outfit and that the outfit loves …

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