DIY: Beautiful & Affordable Photo Backdrop

Life can definitely have us all spiraling out of control. I know for myself it is hard trying to keep up with everything. Finances, blogging, birthday…. oh snap that right my birthday. So again I waited to the last minute to plan my birthday.

Normally for my birthday I would hang out with friends, go to bar, or go out to eat nothing that really dazzles. Anyway this year I decided to have a party at my apartment.  I thought to myself how cool would it be to have a photo booth at my birthday. Bring my love for taking pictures to the party.  Since I was strapped for cash I decide to find a way to make my money stretch a bit. So I plugged into my creativity and designed my own backdrop and made a makeshift photo booth.

1: What you need!


2 8ft Door curtains at Party City for $8.99/ea

“Party” Gold Air Filled  Foil Balloon for $5.99

2 Number Gold Air Filled Foil Balloons/ Dollar Tree for $1.. Note: you need at least 1 or 2 numbers

Confetti balloons// Dollar Tree for $1



fullsizeoutput_2946Lastly I thought it would be cool to have props that go with the backdrop.(optional)

Pair of Big Silly Gold Glasses

Pink Boa

Cheerleader Pom Poms

Note: I got all these props from my local Dollar Castle. If you don’t have a Dollar Castle in your area you can always go to Party City and check out the aisle with all the colorful props.

Tripod & Camera (optional)

Clear Scotch Tape


2: The SetUp!

IMPORTANT !!: Make sure you find a well lit area. I went with my dining room.

First hang the door curtain one at a time. I decided to place the door curtains on the wall. I tape them both down using a few pieces of scotch tape. Do the same with the next door curtain. (Note: If you want to make the curtain appear more fuller, I would suggest to get 1 more door curtain and put it under the other curtains.)

Once you tape down the door curtains. Then you can add the details to the back drop. First add the foil balloons. Simple use the straw that is included in pouch. These balloons don’t require helium so all you need to do it blow them up on your own. The party balloon comes with a white string. So I inserted the ribbon through the “2” and the “9” and tape it down and let it hang. Simple as that.

Lastly I added my props near by, added some confetti filled balloons and there you have it the finish backdrop.


3: Setup Camera (Optional)


If you have a tripod set it up to your desire height. Position it right in the middle of the backdrop. Lastly figure out if you want the pictures to come out vertical or horizontal. Note: If you don’t have a camera then take your phone and get to snapping!

Simple right?! I had so much designing my very own backdrop for my party. Going forward I am going to do this more often for photo shoots at home. This backdrop ran me all together, including the props, $30 bucks! Not bad at all !!

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