How to Prepare for a Photoshoot like a PRO?!

I remember my first ever photoshoot as a new blogger. I know I was super excited however I had no clue on what to expect. I had my line sister who was starting out in photography take my pictures.  Any who when I look at the pictures now… I was super stiff, I had a bad resting B face (I thought I was fierce), and I end up getting a bad headache and I felt super nauseous. It was good experience but the aftermath was horrible. I was so ready that I forgot to eat …. this why I am firm believer on being prepare for a photoshoot.


The Day Before the Photoshoot:

So the day before the photoshoot I am all over the place. I prefer to have everything all set the the night before.  First I lay out my clothes. I make sure that my clothes are pressed out, and I have the right under garments.  Dress Rehearsal are super important to me. I have to try on my fit the night before. I have to see if I need to add something, take something always. I just want to make sure that I love the outfit and that the outfit loves my figure.  Lastly, I lay out all my accessories, shoes, and props.

The Day of The Photoshoot:

The night before the photoshoot is super important that I get enough rest. So I put myself to bed a little early. I normally have my shoots set around 1pm-4pm. It make it easier for me to have my mornings to myself. So I am able to relax and be calm.  Give myself a whole hour to get ready for the photoshoot.. since I have to do my own makeup and hair. Then I allow myself a 30 -45 minutes to make it to my location. (sidenote: I normally take all my pictures downtown so it take a few minutes to find a parking spot).

So with that being said check out a few of my tips that I think are super  important to help you get those instagram worthy pictures and I am providing more tips after a few years of experiences.


Photoshoot Tips

  1. Look Up Inspiration– To get prepared for a shoot I always say look up some inspiring photoshoot ideas from Pinterest, or Instagram. Create mood board or whatever you need to do to get yourself  prepare for your photoshoot. Have ideas ready to present when a photographer is asking you what your looking for. Also it okay if you don’t have an ideas right now. Talking to your photographer can help  get a few ideas for themes, and locations. This will help you get a better feel for your photographer
  2. Dress Rehearsal– I think this is one of the most important step . Try on your outfit the day or two before your photoshoot. A outfit can look cute when you put together however does it look right on ! So take some time to try that fit and get the right underwear so you what have in harsh lines in your pictures. Also, who wants to be uncomfortable at a photoshoot. I know I don’t so save that stress and try that fit on before.
  3. Drink Lots of Water– Hydration is key. You have to keep yourself hydrated before and during the photoshoot, especially on those hot days outside.
  4. Practice in Mirror-  Practice your smiles and poses in the mirror. How do I pose … well I do whatever I feel comes natural. I also study different pose and looks on Pinterest to help me get idea as to how I want the pictures to come out
  5. Groom Yourself –  It so important to take some time and groom yourself throughly. Get your nails, make sure your make up is nice. Take the necessary steps get yourself ready for the photoshoot
  6. Get plenty of rest –  Leave the bags under your eyes at home. Getting enough rest is so important before a photoshoot. You need to shave all your energy so go to bed a little early to ensure your in tip top shape and no bags !
  7. Dont forget to confirm date, time, and location 
  8. Touch Up Bag-  I have to be my own glam squad .. to ensure you pictures look crisp throughout the photoshoot always bring some of your makeup of with you. I prefer to bring my Face Mist, Press Powder, and lip gloss/ lip stick with me just it case.
  9. Bring some snacks-  It never hurts to bring a small healthy snack with you. Keeps the energy up
  10. Bring comfortable shoes –  Bring comfy shoes just cases you are doing an outside shoot. Rest your feet in between  breaks
  11. Bring an encouraging friend
  12.  Relax and Have Fun !

Life is short. Do the photoshoot.

little sidenote:

getting in front of the camera is such a confidence booster. sometimes i feel a little sad  or just tired from the everyday struggle. sometimes i just need to get in front of the camera and show up and show out. i always feel at my best when i get in front of the camera. it is so much fun. i really hear tyra banks. saying, “do you wanna  be on top” … you know from america next top model… the theme song!  so when your in front of the camera remember you are beautiful.. flaws and all. 


Location: Downtown Detroit

Photographer: Eric Puschak |Website: | Instagram: @_erriiiccc_ | Special shout to Eric

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Happy Shoot Day !





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