Street Style Fashion in Pink & Green

Street Style Fashion in Pink & Green

Happy Founders Day to all the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated!  Alpha Kappa Alpha has been servicing local communities all around for 111 years- I am so proud to be a member of this organization that pride themselves on servicing the community and uplifting women! Such a monumental force in Black History!

To celebrate Founders Day it is only right that I show off my sense of street style with a little pink and green. If you didn’t know Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority colors are apple green, and salmon pink.

First, I came across this very cute blush pink hooded wrap coat from Forever 21. I had to add this to my wardrobe because of color, and the hood. I love a coat with a hood! It is so necessary to have in this bitter cold winter in Detroit. Did I also mention this coat is very thick? It is keeping a sister warm!  This jacket adds a nice touch to my street style.

Forever 21 comes through with some quality pieces from time to time. This coat runs for $58. In opinion, I think that is decent price for winter coat. The only thing that I did not like is hat it did not come with a buttons to keep the coat close. The only thing I had to rely on was the belt that wraps around the jacket. It does slide open so I think this jacket would have been better with a button on the inside. Due to the light color you have to take this coat to get it dry clean. I prefer winter coat that can be washed in in the washer machine. Less money to spend.

Since the coat is blush, I think it is necessary to to pair it with a deeper and rich green. So, I shopped around and found this darling emerald color bell sleeve lace top for Ashley Stewart. The great thing about this top is that I caught it on sale. Jackpot! I have to say I’ve been sleeping on Ashley Stewart. This store has some stylish and affordable pieces! SAVING NOTE:  If you are trying to save a penny or two this a perfect time to start loading up on a few pieces for the next winter. A lot of stores around this time are having sales to get rid of winter wear to make room for spring wear.

When it comes to street style fashion the common factor is denim jeans. Denim is one of my favorite pieces to have in my closet. You can dress it up or down. In this case I decide to mix classy and edgy. To add an edgier effect t, I decided go with a distressed jeans. The frayed ends on the hem line are my favorite. When it comes to street style you have to think about comfort and nice touch or too. To add a bit of a contrast to the look I paired it with my new favorite leopard booties from Target.

Hooded Pink Wrap Jacket// Forever 21 (Similar) (Similar)

Emerald Green Bell Sleeve Lace Top// Ashley Stewart

Distressed Jeans// Forever 21 (Similar)

Leopard Print Ankle Boots-A New Day// Target



Location: Downtown Detroit

Photographer: Richelle Marie Photography

What are some of your essentials to a street style look ?

Share with me in the comment section.

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Glitz+Glamour New Years Inspired Outfit

Glitz+Glamour  New Years Inspired Outfit

Are you going out for New Years?  I know for myself this year has been a tough for me. I want to end this year off on a good note.  I want to celebrate and bring it in with a chic outfit too.

Before I tell you about this outfit lets get into the back story. A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in New Years glamour photo shoot with a bunch of local bloggers, and influencers. I was super excited to link up with these ladies. I was really looking forward to building a relationship with them. Anyway I had to be on point for this shoot. Now to be honest I didn’t have any extra cash to run out to get a new outfit. If you know me  you know I shopped my closet. I was so pumped for the shoot however, it was cancelled due to photographer flight being delayed. I have to be honest I was super disappointed. However I was not going to let a cancelled photo shoot ruin my day. So I called my mom, told her what was going on, and we headed downtown. My mom is so awesome.


FashionLayn’s Outfit Deets..

So when I think about an outfit for New Years Eve my mind automatically thinks about glitz and glamour. Sequins, velvet, and faux fur, were the inspirations behind the photo shoot. The pressure was on.  The first thing I did was I took a look in my closet to see what I already had.  First I came across this cute rose gold sequins slip dress by Xhilaration from Target. It was sitting in my closet, never worn with the tag still attached. I had a purpose for this dress but I just did not get chance to wear. You know how life can me be. Anyway, this mini cami style slip dress is super comfortable. Since it was not form fitting I was able to get away with not wearing my SPANX. I would describe this dress as cami style sequins mesh with dusty pink slip underneath it . This dress ran me $25. Not bad for one night.

Waiting on my Uber like …

Next I paired this dress with my favorite mauve faux fur coat. This coat  also came out of my closet. Faux fur is such a cute statement piece when you are trying to glamour up your look for NYE.  I thought it matched very with the sequin slip.  Super cute right? Faux fur are so on trend for the holidays. Since it is a trend I always say don’t spend all you money on fur. I would suggest to stop at Forever 21, where I purchase the featuring coat from, to get an inexpensive faux fur from. Boohoo is another good place to start.


Lastly for the accessories, my favorite part. When I was trying this outfit on in the mirror, I still felt like I was not popping enough. I felt like everything was blending together. I need another color to add. Since the accessories that I had in my closet wasn’t working I decided to head over to Target. What will match with a dusty pink? First I ran into this turquoise velvet cross body by Wild Fable. Next thing I know I found these turquoise and pink earring from SugarFix. They match so well together. Once I put the whole look together it was perfect. So for NYE add some popping accessories to you look. Chandelier earrings, or a cute clutch with bring your whole outfit together. If you ask me take a look in Target first for accessories. Target is coming through with the fashionable accessories.

Dusty Pink Faux Fur Jacket// Forever 21 (Old)  Similar:(FashionNova) (ASOS)

Xhilaration Women’s Sequin Slip Dress// Target (Old) Similar: (ASOS) (ASOS) (ASOS)

Vinyl Open Toe Lucite Heel Bootie// Burlington (Old) Similar:(JET) (GO JANE)

SugarFix Resin Hoop Earrings with Crystal Studs // Target

Wild Fable Velvet Pouch Cross body// Target

Overall I am so satisfied with this look. It has all the great elements for New Years Eve look. Velvet, Sequins, and Faux Fur! All I need is a glass of champagne, LOL !

Girl! It’s going to be fun night !

Location: Woodward Ave, Downtown Detroit

Photographer: My Mom

How do you bring in the New Years?

Share with me in the comment section. Let me know what I could add to this list.

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Remixing The Plaid Styles with Target

Remixing The Plaid Styles with Target

Trend Report ! I am bringing y’all the trend report and the report is telling me this…. Blazers, hounds tooth, plaids, pin stripes, blouses, loose trousers to booties are on the seen this fall. I am here for this trendy look ! I am remixing a couple of trends in this outfit.

So first, I started looking for a pantsuit, but check this nobody told me that finding a really cool pantsuit was going to be so hard.  You know I really got into Beyoncé and Jay-Z pantsuits in the Apesh*t video ! If you don’t know pantsuit are really in style this upcoming Fall too.  So I’m on all the sites trying to find a suit that fits my shape.  I would stay Eloquii is the best place to start first.  However, it is still a struggle bus for me!  I have an hour-glass shape and sometimes I can be considered a pear shape . Lately, I have been in between sizes not sure what really fits right any more.fullsizeoutput_2308 My waist is super small and my hips are super wide so trying to find the right pants to fit my figure is super hard. SMH So that left me to my creative juices.  When the world gives you lemons… yeah yo should know this by now.. you make lemonade. QTNA: how am I going to bring a street style suit look to blog… HMM I think I got it.

Target released their new brand called Wild Fable in the beginning of August. Wild Fable I would say is a super cool retro 90s- inspired brand for teen girls and young women. There sizes range from 0-26W  ! I am here for it sis. Anyway I came across this cool plaid bodycon dress with the button coming down the side.  OMG I was in love in the dressing room.  Since I could find a pantsuit yet,  yes I remix the plaid print. I figured  out a  way to make it work for my body as well still be stylish ! Hmm am I getting Clueless vibes ?? Before Stacey Dash lost her mind I was really a big fan of Clueless the movie and the show … and Dionne Davenport was super cool to me ! This look definitely making me think I am in updated version of Clueless.. you can called me Mona Maven .. lol IDK

Clothes, Popularity… Whatever ! 


Are you talking to me ? Ugh As If !

So I got this glen plaid, straight neck body con dress that is killing the game, in my opinion, with the buttons on the side from Target.  The button details are my favor and that was what really hook me into this dress. I have to say this, Target has really been coming through with these different brands and cute looks! They have gotten quite stylish over the years and I am here for it. Yes so this new brand to their conglomerate is called Wild Fable and it is featuring this dress. In my opinion you can dress this up or down !  When I first put this look together I initially added the triple buckle boots to the look. Booties are an essential to the fall season.Then I thought to myself that I really need to add a pop of color to bring  look together. Who really want to be strictly black and white. Kinda a boring ! Lets add a pop of red.!! Yes Then I  added a blazer to show that you can get away with wearing this dress in the work place not really disturb the peace.  On the flip side  if you really feeling the mood you shed a layer or two and go right into enjoying your Friday night. Lastly this dress would look great with a white plain tee underneath to really give off that 90s inspired style.


My Outfit Deets…

This dress is super cute. I absolutely love the fit and really think this will fit well for the hourglass shape curvy woman. I got this dress in XXL in the junior size.  This dress definitely has the stretchy material . Thank you God ! I can get my backside in it !! The great thing about this new Target brand that feature items that are my curvy girls (Sizes: 0-26W). Note this sis, I am all about saving us some coins in you pocket. This cute dress ran me only $25 bucks. The price point stops at $40 per piece. A deal right !

Black and White Plaid Bodycon dress//Target/Wild Fable (Similar), (Similar), (Similar(On Sale Similar)

Black Blazer//Forever 21 **old** (Similar)

Triple Buckle Ankle Boots// Forever21 **old** (Similar)

Red Circle Bag with Black Tassel // Mpulse Boutique (Similar)

Red Rimless PC Sunglasses

Mona Maven has arrived ! 

little sidenote….

can you believe how fast the time is going. the stores are literally switching everything out to fall attire! summer stuff on sale! pumpkin spice this and that.. and to tell you the truth it is still hot as hell outside. when it get close to the fall season i really play close attention to how fast the time goes. i look and the next minute i know it whole another season, another birthday. i want to stress how important it is to live you life. when they say life is short, it really is. so yes it time to focus on things that really make us happy and dump all the things that make us sad. in all honesty how many more summers do we have left. jenifer lewis said in an interview on the breakfast club that you can’t have anymore of my summers. that really stuck with me.  get out there start living out your dreams its not to late.  have fun, dance a little more, laugh a little more. life is too short to be stuck in the house or sad.  

sidenote: if you need to talk when somebody about.. get a therapist.. nothing wrong with talking it all out 

i really want you… yes you sis to live you best life! 

Life Is Too Short To Spend It At War With Yourself.



Location: Dearborn, MI

Photographer: My Lovely Mother !  Special shout out to my mom because she really comes through for me at the last-minute. I am so thankful to have a mother like her.

How Are You Going Start Living Your Best Life ?

I know for me I am going to start wearing whatever I want to wear and Stop over thinking !

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How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Wardrobe

How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Wardrobe

I wanted to express that this look was inspired by the late Kate Spade. Her love for pop of colors and polka dots was really inspiration and showed up a lot in her bags and other items.  Kate Spade will definitely be missed, she was one of the main reason why I got so into fashion.

look inspired by Kate Spade- “The Things We Love”  great coffee table book

If you could take a look at my closet you will see that most of my clothes  are  black and white or  neutral colors… not many colors. I have to consciously remind myself that you need more colors, you love color. What is is the problem. Either I am constantly reaching for my jeans, black body con, or graphic tees. How can I bring a small dose of color to my everyday looks?   So my number 1  way to add a pop of color to my outfits are through my handbags.  Now most of friends will say I always see you with a backpack. That is true,  I prefer to keep my hands free however I love handbags. Anyway, my love for handbag started when I got my first Coach purse for Christmas. I think I was maybe 10 or 11. My mom calls it my “training purse”.  I love handbags because it goes with me everywhere. It can be worn up or done and completes my look.  A handbag carry all my most important things I need with me everyday.  The love for handbag grew more and more for because I felt the need to coordinate it with my look of the day ! A handbag is the way I express my personality and my sense of colors …..

Now if you are not a purse lover like me, there are a few others ways to bring color to your outfit.

Other ways to add color to your outfits ?

  • Add a vibrant pop of colors to your nails
  • Maybe a colorful pump or shoe
  • Poppin lip color
  • Nice belt
  • Flattering scarf
  • Earrings
  • Bright color jacket



Pink like the halls of your heart

-Janelle Monáe -Pynk


So I was going to the store with my mom.  You know how you first go into Target, you find yourself right in front of the women clothes. I have tried so many times to come out of Target with exactly what I need only. No, I came across this cute polka dress. Now this dress is outside my normal attire. I love cool, edgy outfits ……. I am street theme kinda girl . However, we all have to step out of comfort zone when it comes to fashion.

My mom made me try it on! Yall really need to understand how much I hate trying on clothes at the store. I don’t really know why I just know I don’t like… maybe because sometimes it leads to disappointment.  Anyway, I love how tall this dress makes me appear and I love the polka dots.  It is super comfortable and it is not tight at all.  After trying it on my mom said you need some shoes to go with it.. Let’s go for color my mom said.  We came across a pink chunky pump… the shoes in the picture. I tried them one and pair them with the shoes. Super cute.  I was so impressed.  Lastly I ran across the crossbody , the same color as the shoes and yes!!! it was on sale. So I go the whole outfit from Target. Oh yeah I only came into Target for a lip liner ! So I add a pop of color to this fit by incorporating the colorful shoes and purse.

The only downsize to this dress that little cut open area makes it really hard for me to hide my bra. I did try it without my bra however my under boobs were showing. That was my only concern. However the dress is super cute and chic. It so girly and flirty and I love it. You can wear this dress on super sunny day in the city or walk on a unpaved country road. It just does it.

White & Black Button Down Knot Polka Dot Midi Dress// Target (LINK) **On Sale**

Magenta Krysten Block Heel Pumps// Target (LINK)

Magenta Mini Camera Crossbody Bag// Target (LINK)

Location- Mexicantown – La Gloria Bakery

Photographer: My lovely mother !


How are you going to add color to your wardrobe ? 

let me know in the comments below ! 

push forward.