Yellow is My It Color | Wrap Dress from Target

Yellow is my ish.  It captures everyone’s attention…. and if you know me then you know I love little attention. Yellow is luminous and it loves my complexion. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear yellow. “Yellow looks so good on you.” So, this yellow wrap dress from Target was put in my cart with the upmost quickness!  Yes, this dress is from brand called, A New Day that exclusively sold at Target.  The brand focus it attention on everyday wear. Yes this dress you can be worn up or down, everyday. I must say it this brand has been my go to, and the reason why my love for Target has grown so strong.

When I have a day off from work, I always find myself at Target. It like a off day tradition  now. Get a day off, drive to Target, Simple. LOL  The struggle is real in Target. I go in for one item and walk out broke, every time. Do you over spend in Target, if so let me know in the comment section?

A few weeks ago, I came across this summer infused wrap dress from A New Day.  The yellow hue alone had this dress in my cart. It is soft, stretchy, and versatile; all the things that makeup a great dress. The wrap dress features a v-neckline and unique side wrap that flatters any waistline. It must say it snatched my waist up sis, giving my hourglass shape a pop.

This dress can be worn up or down. You can add scrappy sandal with cross body bag to give it a laid back appeal. On the flip side, add a pump, hoop earrings with a blazers… blazing the night life. This dress retail for $25 bucks.

To bring more attention to the dress I decided to pair this dress with red block heels, another piece from A New Day.  Such a great color combination. Yellow and red compliment each other so well since they favor on the color wheel. This shoe added a complimentary pop of color to the yellow dress. Also, these shoes are easy to walk!

Wrap Dress// Target

Michaela Pumps in Red// Target


“Yellow is the color of optimism. Yellow is a compelling colors that conveys youthful  and fresh energy. “



Location: Belle Isle Park, Detroit, Michigan

Photographer: Story of Kai – | @storyofkai

Do you like to shop at Target? Do you look at clothes first or what?  What is your go to color for summer/ warm weather? 

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