Blush X Gray X Pink


Happy Friday!!!

Omg I love this color combination so much. This is not your typical fall color combination. Normally people are going for more bold colors. Burgundy, Olive, and rust and such. But, I wanted to be a bit flirty with this shoot. Lol it is “cuffin season” right. Yeah I m try to catch somebody lol.  Anywho, these colors are so soft and cosy.


First, I want to announce to the world I love cold shoulder anything. I love to show off my shoulder for some reason. I think this is so cute and flirty to me. OMG I think I am in love with my shoulder. Anything that shows off my sweater it is winning for me !! I got this cute sweater for Target.  You know Target has some cute stuff omg!!! . I find something in Target every time I step foot in the door.




Shop My Look 

Cold Shoulder Gray Sweater – Target (LINK)
Plus Size Skinny Jeans – Forever 21 (Similar)
Nude Studded Strappy Pointed Toe Pump-Charlotte Russe (Similar)
Blush Purse

Special Thanks to Richelle Marie who always slay the photo game !!

(Photo credit: Richelle Marie Photography – IG: @ richelle.mphotos )

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