Weekend OOTD | My Easy Casual Street Style

Weekend OOTD | My Easy Casual Street Style

It was so beautiful this weekend. It was warm, bright, and sunny outside. One thing to know about me is that the weather dictate my mood. When it is sunny outside, I am in such good spirits. So of course I took to the city streets show off my threads. I like to keep it simple and casual when I walking up down the streets of Detroit.  In today’s post we will explore some of my favorite spring essential and how I put this casual wear together.

If you know me than you know I am a cool girl, nothing said cool more than distressed denim. So I reached for my favorite high waist denim jeans from Forever 21. Y all should already know that store is my “bread and butter”, and when I say that I mean it is affordable. These jeans are super comfy, just what I need for walking right?  If you are looking for distressed denim I would say to start looking at Forever 21, they have various of style and it is super affordable. If you want to invest in denim, then I would say take a Kut from the Kloth, and or Nordstrom to find a nice pair of quality jeans. Denim is such a staple in spring essential casual look.

Next, to the essential is striped top. You can never go wrong with this! You can dress it up or down. This shirt can take you a long way. I do ride a lot of trends but, I find it super important to have classic pieces in your wardrobe. I like to have pieces that can take me all year round. Trendy clothes live out it purpose for a moment. To save money I invest more in classic pieces. So this weekend I added a clean cut, crew neck striped top to my look. The shirt adds that classic affect to my look. Timeless.

Lastly, to compliment my classic striped shirt is an Olive Utility Jacket. This is another spring time essential to add to your closet. It also a timeless piece that you can wear in transitional seasons, like Spring or Fall. This olive jacket is my all time favorite, especially when the weather is bipolar. Growing up in the city, we all about industrial, hard work and such. This jacket speaks to all those things. It is tough and classic.  To keep this look casual and classic I add a utility jacket. If you are looking for Utility jacket, make your way over to Old Navy. The utility jacket I share is currently on sale and it goes all the way up to XXL.

Olive Utility Jacket// TjMaxx (old)

Black and White Stripe Shirt// Burlington (old)

High Waist Distressed Denim Jeans// Forever21 (old)


New Shoe Alert!! 

(** Dj Khaled voice**)

So I guess you can stay I am getting back into gym shoes. I use to be all into to gym shoes when I was teenager in high school. I always wanted the latest and greatest sneaks, but I never could afford them at that time. So when I started working I was finally able to get my hands on the shoes I liked. Of course I had to get my priorities straight so I decided it was best to put my love for gym shoes on the back burner.

Anyway at the tender age of 29 my love for sneakers have been resurrected. So my heart rejoice when I saw these pink Nautica shoes at Marshalls. First of all these shoes were so comfortable when I first tried them on.  My feet are able to breathe and the shoe work well for my wide feet. Of course the color got me, who can say no to millennial pink. These shoes retail for $30 bucks at Marshalls. There was no way I was going to leave them.

To conclude my look I always like to bring a pop of color to any look. This was brought my look home to me. The pink gym shoes brought my personality back to my look!

Nautica Women’s Steam Shoes // Marshalls


“Fashion fades only style remains”.

-Coco Chanel

Location: Downtown Detroit, Michigan

Photographer: My Mommy 🙂

What are you favorite casual wear? What do you go for, for a everyday look? Why?

Share with me in the comment section.

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push forward.




Street Style Fashion in Pink & Green

Street Style Fashion in Pink & Green

Happy Founders Day to all the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated!  Alpha Kappa Alpha has been servicing local communities all around for 111 years- I am so proud to be a member of this organization that pride themselves on servicing the community and uplifting women! Such a monumental force in Black History!

To celebrate Founders Day it is only right that I show off my sense of street style with a little pink and green. If you didn’t know Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority colors are apple green, and salmon pink.

First, I came across this very cute blush pink hooded wrap coat from Forever 21. I had to add this to my wardrobe because of color, and the hood. I love a coat with a hood! It is so necessary to have in this bitter cold winter in Detroit. Did I also mention this coat is very thick? It is keeping a sister warm!  This jacket adds a nice touch to my street style.

Forever 21 comes through with some quality pieces from time to time. This coat runs for $58. In opinion, I think that is decent price for winter coat. The only thing that I did not like is hat it did not come with a buttons to keep the coat close. The only thing I had to rely on was the belt that wraps around the jacket. It does slide open so I think this jacket would have been better with a button on the inside. Due to the light color you have to take this coat to get it dry clean. I prefer winter coat that can be washed in in the washer machine. Less money to spend.

Since the coat is blush, I think it is necessary to to pair it with a deeper and rich green. So, I shopped around and found this darling emerald color bell sleeve lace top for Ashley Stewart. The great thing about this top is that I caught it on sale. Jackpot! I have to say I’ve been sleeping on Ashley Stewart. This store has some stylish and affordable pieces! SAVING NOTE:  If you are trying to save a penny or two this a perfect time to start loading up on a few pieces for the next winter. A lot of stores around this time are having sales to get rid of winter wear to make room for spring wear.

When it comes to street style fashion the common factor is denim jeans. Denim is one of my favorite pieces to have in my closet. You can dress it up or down. In this case I decide to mix classy and edgy. To add an edgier effect t, I decided go with a distressed jeans. The frayed ends on the hem line are my favorite. When it comes to street style you have to think about comfort and nice touch or too. To add a bit of a contrast to the look I paired it with my new favorite leopard booties from Target.

Hooded Pink Wrap Jacket// Forever 21 (Similar) (Similar)

Emerald Green Bell Sleeve Lace Top// Ashley Stewart

Distressed Jeans// Forever 21 (Similar)

Leopard Print Ankle Boots-A New Day// Target



Location: Downtown Detroit

Photographer: Richelle Marie Photography

What are some of your essentials to a street style look ?

Share with me in the comment section.

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Nailed the Summer Trend.. Button Down Dress from Forever21

Nailed the Summer Trend.. Button Down Dress from Forever21

Man this heat wave this week … OMG it was super hot! When it is hot like this outside I do not want any extra clothes making me even more hot. You know that irritating sticky feel you get, or that feeling you feel dirty as soon as you step outside. Yeah that kinda of hot.  Less clothes… gotta pull out a sun dress.  With that being said I found a cute little button down sundress.  I guess you can say I am trying to knock some of the last few trends of the summer before we get fully geared up for fall attire in the store.

The heat index is somewhere between OMG and WTH 

Any who I got this striped button down dress from Forever21.  The shell of the dress is made out of cotton with full rayon lining,  so I believe the material will help keep you cool. This dress is definitely outside my comfort zone. If you know me, I am body con dress lover. I love anything that hugs my curves. So having a dress that does not  hug me was different, but in a good way.  I normally do not do dresses like this because of my body shape. I feel like I am a mix between an hour glass shape and pear shape.  I am smaller at the top,  and I feel like a lot of plus size clothing are tailored to more bustier women. That cool with me but have a hard time with pieces like this because it does not fit right up top. It is the struture thus why I go for a bodycon dress, form fitting.

So, I got this dress in 1X because the store did not have this 0X.  When I think about I not sure if the 0X would fit right.. it might be too tight in hip area. When I initially tried it on at the store I was in love with this dress. I love how it hugged my hips. Yes, It is a bit big in the bust area on the sides of the dress. However, I do think the sides can be pinned down.  What I absolutely love about the dress is the heart-shaped neckline, the buttons, and that the straps are adjustable.  The color is bomb, the length is great, and the pockets are so cute ! Overall I am satisfied with this dress.

HMMM… I am going to see if I can get this taken in on the sides !



do small things with great love 



little sidenote…

my today’s confident woman devotional was about dealing with the little things. idk but this was spot on for me today. i have a lot of little things i need to do before i go on vacation and i am dreading it all. like going to bank, or the grocery store, just basic things in life. i  have to agree with joyce meyer’s that dread definitely steals my joy. in all honesty i don’t have any more joy to give so,  i am trying to get in front of it all sis. to all my ladies out there let’s try to  tackle our day by checking boxes , crossing out things on our to-do list. get things done you will feel rewared when you see all that you accomplished throughtout the day.  you can do it because if i am strong you are strong to sis. we got this.. push forward


Sunshine Is The Best Medicine 



My Outfit Deets….

This is woven mini dress with a striped pattern, button down front, with a super cute heart neckline,

Striped Button – Down Dress w/ pockets// Forever21 (LINK) (Similar)

Location: Stoepel Park- Detroit MI

Photographer: Mom- She is the greatest  !

What trends are you looking forward to for the fall ? It never to early to get prepared. 

I have to say my favorite trend for the fall is always the moto jackets .!

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It’s July

It’s July

Just like this month issue of Essence.. “Take Back Your Joy.”  I was super inspired by the tune of magazine. Black women celebrating ways they found happiness and joy in there life and I think I need to focus my concentration. I need more joy, peace, and smiles. When I think of the month of July, I see celebration and happiness.

Fashion Note

This month I want to still focus on bring lots and lots of color. I still want to get into a bathing suit before we switch are attention to fall clothing.. You know it coming.  Also I want to try out 2 different brands that I never brought to the blog. Shein and Pretty Little Things.com. These online stores have plus size items that I heard a lot of good things about . I am so ready to try these stores !

Blog Note

This month I want to still focus on being a student. Focus my attention on learning more about blogging and bettering my platform. I also want to launch of few self care templates  this month. So stay tuned for self care templates they are coming this month for sure !! Lastly I am really excited for this event coming this month. Femology Detroit is having a event for bloggers ! Can’t wait to take pictures and network with people. Lol the business cards are packed !

Personal Note/ Goals 

Last month I really successful with achieving my goals. I create that extra savings account that I was telling yall about.

  1. Schedule my wellness screening. Detox with lemon and ginger
  2. Focus on joy and happiness! And finding ways to keep my joy
  3. Bring my lunch to work 5 days a week
  4. Read Chimamanda Ngozi Aich book called Americanah
  5. Finish This Will be My Undoing by Morgan Jerkins. So far this book is compiled by 6 essays that deal with being black , a women, colorism, and race ! Super easy to read. I am on essay 3 !


Live Beyond “What if.” Find Joy In “What is.”



So yes the focus is joy this month. Finding and keeping our joy.

What brings you joy ?

Let me know in the comment section 

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push forward.