10 Essentials Tips to Know for Thrift Shopping

Happy Friday! Have you ever been thrift shopping before? Well, I started my thrifting journey 8 months ago and I have been loving it ever since. Finding amazing gems, and vintage pieces. Along the way I have made a tons of mistake. I wish someone would have told me or I’ve done my research before beginning to thrift. If you are interested in thrifting I am spilling the tea for you. In today’s post I am sharing 10 essentials to tips that will have you thrifting like a professional in no time. In today’s post I am sharing a 10 essentials tips to know before becoming a thrift shopper.

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10 Essential Thrift Tips To Know Before Thrifting

Thrifting and sustainability culture has been trending for the past couple of years. I found myself spearheaded into the industry due to raising cost of everyday life. In addition, the benefit behind thrift shopping was reducing waste and keeping my home (plant Earth) clean. Giving second hand clothes a try I found more and more quality pieces for a great prices. Thrifting is an amazing way to save a money and sustain our home.

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Keeping It Real

Thrift shopping can be overwhelming, and tricky. You may not always score on the first try. In addition, you can easily become “thrift drunk”, another term for overbuying because of the bargain. I have experience it all. So let get into these thrift shopping tips. I am going to set you up for success

Tips to Consider Before Shopping

  1. Sell or Donate Clothes Before Shopping: Before you begin your thrifting journey you should go through the items you have in your clothes and see what you can sell or donate. This is process of making room for new and exciting things. You can also take inventory of what you do have. This great way to note what you do not need to look for when you enter into the thrift store. In addition, start thinking about your personal style and what you would love to add to wardrobe.
  2. Make A Plan: Now thrifting can be an overwhelming experience at first. Before you step into thrift shop, come up with a plan, so you can have clear goal. For example, I create a list of things I am looking or have specific color palette in mind to help keep me on task. In addition, coming up with budget when thrifting shopping is important as well.
  3. Dress for the occasion: Not all thrift shops have dressing room. Instead of buying things that you are not quite sure on the fit, opt-in for trying on clothes over your clothing. In addition, most thrift shops do not offer refunds or exchanges. TO remedy this pain point, dress for the occasion . I find wearing form fitting clothes, like legging or tight shirts, to help me try on my thrift find. It great tips to eliminate ove4rbuying and making guesstimates
  4. Location Is Key: If you are looking for quality, vintage pieces you need to consider thrift shopping by location. In other words follow the money. You can find nice pieces when you shop at a thrift shop that close to affluent neighborhoods. For example, when I am looking for vintage pieces, I shop in city near affluent city to discover gems.
  5. Bring Your Own Bag: Some thrift shops in certain places may charge you for bags and/or basket may not always be available. I remember shopping on the day after Christmas. It was huge sale and I couldn’t find a cart and I lug around a huge amount of clothes. On the contrary, this is another great cost effective tips. If it can fit in one bag I can take it home, especially when thrifting outside the state.
Thrift sage green top and slouchy hounds tooth pants.

Tips While Thrift Shopping

  1. Avoid Impulse Buys: To avoid impulses and to stay on budget, only bring cash only. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the bargain of it all. Remember that term “thrift drunk”, that is the term for overbuying and impulsive shopping. To eliminate the issue shop for things you needed. Make a purchase only based on things that fit well, and fit your current wardrobe. Avoid buying things for thrill or that is so unique. 9 times out of ten you will never wear it.
  2. Scan the Aisle: Scanning through the aisle will save you time in the long run. Rummaging through piles an racks are overwhelming. Mastering the art of scan is so important. You can’t look or buy everything. So remember your plan you create. Thrift shop based on what you are looking for, color palette and you aesthetic. Please note: more the you scan the better you will become at the skill. On the contrary this leads me to my next tip, scan and inspect everything
  3. Inspect Everything: Now most thrift shops are final sale! To avoid purchasing items with defect. Look at everything. I have made this mistake so many times, being thrift drunk and enjoying the buzz. Everything that you add to you cart, make sure you inspecting everything. So bring your hand sanitizer, gloves and get dirt. Make sure you inspect your items for bad smells, stains, or holes. In addition, check for serial number and key indicator for hand bags. Check the wash tags, do you want a dry cleaning bill? Ask yourself can you get the smell or stain out. Is is worth buying? Be picky, make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for. Don’t settle for things just because. More than likely you will come across it. Just keep looking.
  4. Understand Value versus Junk: This tips for those shopping big brands, vintage pieces, and more. Thrift store is also know for having a lot of junk and some fake designer. So understand the market value for certain items. Check for serial numbers, and more. I have myself have made this error. Just recently, I purchase a fake Dooney & Burke bag from the thrift store. I didn’t realize it until I bought it and took it home. It still cute and I am going to wear however, I would have rather spent my money elsewhere. Please note, a lot of thrift store staff are making assumption on prices. So the bottom line is to do your research and have understanding what you are buying.

Thrift Tips After Shopping

  1. Wash, Wash Wash: Before wearing or rehabbing your thrift finds, please wash. Not all donator wash their items and items have been mixed with other dirty items. So read the washing instructions and clean all items before wearing. In addition, this is a great time to find tailor and reliable dry cleaning business for your items.

Overall, thrifting is growing more and more popular everyday. I am loving my journey. When using these tips it can become a great experience for any beginner.

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Have you gone thrifting before? What are your tips for thrift shopping? What is best thing you found at the thrift store?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of March is an amazing month for you.

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