Now this really does not come easy to me – being care free that is. To actually let go and be absolutely care free- that is so hard to do. I always feel like I have to be in control of everything because if  I don’t then everything will blow up in my face. In all honestly, being in control of everything can blow up in your face too. Being to far left or right can be a problem. I am not saying that you need to let go of everything and run around naked in the streets of Detroit. What I am saying is that you need to let go of baggage, and truly learn how to be at piece with yourself. Sometimes you have to check out of society and marched to your own beat and be you. I have to say this is work in progress for me. I have to really reprogram my mind

Here are a few of my tips that I believe help me learn how to be more care free

  1. First I believe you need to accept yourself for who you are- don’t try to be someone. Trying to be someone else is a full time job – who wants that. Being yourself and love yourself. Once you do that you can be and peace and hearing or seeing what others have to say about you won’t even phase you.
  2. Fill your day up with fun
  3. Let go of time – Live in the moment
  4. Eliminate “what ifs” from your list of phrases – what if this happens. lets stop doubting ourselves and just do it. We live and we learn. Please don’t be afraid to start over.

fullsizeoutput_166bWhen you’re truly at peace, nothing anyone does or says bothers you. You’re so in touch with yourself that negativity can’t even touch you .


To switch gears – lets talk about this dress. Finally I got my Lemonade on lol ! Like I am so late Beyonce already had her twins and she is probably working on that new album who knows. I don’t have the tea on Beyonce lol.. so don’t quote me here. Today I am featuring this beautiful bright ruffle up dress from GS Loves. The size of the dress I have on is 1X. I love this dress so however it was a bit on the tight size. My favorite part of the dress s the peplum skirt and ruffle top. I was definitely giving salsa like vibes with this one.

I do feel like if you order from here that you might have to go up a dress size because they do run a little small. Plus about this site they have so many cute, trendy, stylish, and colorful pieces for all women.

Dress: Yellow Ruffle Dress// GS LOVE (Link)

Special shoutout to my mom who took my pictures !! Thank you Mommy !!

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