70’s Inspired Look From Forever 21

Lately what has been on trend are things from the 70’s have been showing up in the stores. In the “Its October” post I was telling y’all that in Forever 21 they had a big section dedicated to 70’s prints, and style.  Bell Bottoms, Patches, Geometric prints, and corduroy, etc. I think 70’s were super unique and powerful time in our history.


FashionLayn Outfit Deets…

Lets get right into the fashion details. In this weeks outfit I am giving y’all a bit of the 70’s in this look.  The mini skirt with the zip panel, a cozy mustard sweater with thigh high boots. Instead of going for the A-line skirt I decided to show up my curves this look a little update and wear a skirt that is more form-fitting. Both pieces I am featuring in this picture both come from Forever 21.  This mini skirt is super cute for the fall months. You can pair this with colorful stocking and booties or over the knee boots like I did.  The mini skirt is corduroy texture skirt with a front zipper with a pull ring. Definitely giving me 70’s vibes. This mini skirt is true to size and fits nicely on any frame. I paired this skirt with a mustard color fuzzy ribbed sweater that I got from Forever 21 at the beginning of the year.

I am telling you sis, that you do not have to spend all your money to look a certain type a way. You can cut the corner to look like million bucks. This look only cost me $18 dollars. I  only bought the skirt. I was able to shop my closet and pair the skirt with this mustard color sweater that gave it a warm cozy fall vibe. Also I wearing my thigh high boots that I got for Christmas last year. Thanks Mom Winning ! Remember you can recreate and reinvent ! 

Rust Plus Size Corduroy Zip – Front Skirt // Forever 21 (Similar Style)

Mustard Plus Size Fuzzy Ribbed Knit Sweater // Forever 21 OLD

Black Over the Knee Boot// Lane Bryant (Similar)


little sidenote:

i want to talk to you sis about being intentional. i had a guy that i really admire as person. now this guy i met him at work. he is a really positive individual and because he was so positive his energy was contagious and powerful. i remember him talking about “being intentional”. i have to be honest i did not have a clue what he was talking about. however he explain to be that in life we a have tendency to just drift through life. next time we look we are 10 years older and we have not done anything. do you really just want to exist and not life. GOD intend for us to live are life .  so i choice to be intentionally happy at all time, i choice to be intentional thankful.  the definition of intentional is done on purpose or deliberate. it means to actively engage with your life. so i am consciously going to show my happiness. i am consciously going to be thankful. i am consciously going to live my life 

here are few things that i think can help you to living more of intentional life.

  • understand that life is full with many choices, evaluate your surroundings and examine yourself
  • decide that you’re going to live your life- lets say your best life, then put it into motion. define your purpose so you have clear understanding and something that you go back and look at if you drift off.
  • set your goals, and try to stay focused on them. remember its okay if you mess up just remember your  purpose and attack it again. lastly surround yourself with some good people to learn from. 


Location: Dearborn, MI

Photographer: My mom ! I love her because she wants to see me win and she is always willing to help me with my blog. Thankful for her. She helps keeps me consistent.

How are you going to live more intentionally ?

First I am going to start by slowing down through out my day and just breathe. Take focus on my breath and meditate. Be in that moment and value that moment. That is how I am going to start why living my life intentionally.

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push forward.



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