Early Fall Wardrobe Essentials – Where You Can Shop Sustainable Too.

Welcome me back, y’all !! I am back kicking this blog post off with some insight on early fall wardrobe essentials you should have you eye on. You should already know I am a full blown thrift girl! It is only right I share a few essentials pieces, I KNOW you can find at your local thrift store. Welcome to the affordable side of fashion, Fashionlayn that is.

In today’s blog post let chit chat about Early fall wardrobe essentials.

Bare with me everyone, it has taken me so long to come back to my blog and start typing again. Feeling like my work is nothing compared to others. Well I not going to let myself be victim to my mind. Let me go ahead dust myself off and type lol. Thank you to all that continue to read my blog.


The first question I always hear is, “How do you dress for fall when it is hot outside”? Chille, I am still trying to figure that out for myself. Michigan weather is on the list for having weather that is all over the place. A little bi-polar if you ask…. not trying to be insensitive y’all. It does not want to corporate!

Anyway my rule of thumb for early fall wardrobe essentials to add, and have light knit wear to your closet.

Light Weight Knits

Light weight knits are an easy add to your wardrobe. I would say adding a sweater vest, cardigan, half zip sweaters are a great add to closet for the early fall. When you think of early fall, we want to think about layering. Pieces you can put or take off since the weather is from one extreme to the other. In addition, you can easily tie knits over your shoulder for a classic/ nautical look.

These pieces I mention above, can early be found at your local thrift store. Check out ThredUp, online base thrift shop to find some lightweight pieces.

Here are a few light weight knit ideas you can shop affordable as well

Dresses Can Pull Early Fall Look Together

Mini dresses are pieces that you can still wear during the early fall and into the deep fall season. Don’t let the cool air stop you for being your most cutest self. I am featuring a body con dress with long sleeves. This outfit can easily be worn on those warm days and cools days in the fall.

This is a great and easy piece to style during the early fall. As the temperature drops, I mention before don’t be afraid to wear a dress during the fall. There are many ways you can warm this look up…. Tights! A pair of tights can be added to your fit. Sheer tights, knit tights, and more. In addition you can add a pair boots. Ankle boots, combat boots.. the list goes on. Depending on your own personal style, you can find the right boot to fall this look up.

On another note, you can also wear a slip dress, a few different ways as well. Slip dress are super cute early fall essential, great for the up and down temperature. The silk or satin like material is light weight and easy to layer it. A slip dress with lightweight cardigan wit a pair of boots. Casually you can add your most iconic sweater into the mix or turtle neck underneath too. Alongside the sweater, you can add a pair of retro sneaker, New Balance or Nike Dunks. On the contrary, this early in the fall season you can still wear a pair of strappy heels.

Try shopping at ThredUp, for more slip dresses and mini dresses that have been pre-loved. To add there are tons of cardigans, and sweater you can shop at your local thrift. Give sustainable fashion a try! If you need some thrifting tips check out my blog post here.

Here are few mini dress ideas you shop affordable from my favorite place!

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Early Fall Bottoms

Lets start with denim jeans, this is easy fall essential to come across. Everyone has a pair of denim jeans in their closet, okay! Timeless classic! In addition, you can thrift/shop sustainably too. Your local thrift store have tons of denim jeans at your disposal to shop through. You just need to strap on a little patiences to find your perfect pair.

Lastly, denim jeans are so easy to style, and so happens to be my favorite piece to style in the fall. First you can do denim on denim…. medium wash denim shacket with a pair of medium wash denim jeans. Chille I love a good Canadian tuxedo! On other note, how about a light weight sweater with denim jeans? Timeliness classic, this fit is perfect for a casual day. Now to spice things up you can add a Black corset or black blazer as well.

KEEPING MY EAR TO FASHION STREETS TIP: Please note long denim skirt have been trending too. Try wearing a long denim skirt for the early fall season.

What are favorite go to bottoms for the early fall?

Sandals, Mules, Boots Oh My!

Early fall season you can still get away with having your toes out for a bit with sandals. Ladies don’t forget to treat yourself to relaxing pedicure. Anyway back to the topic ! Birkenstock sandals are still popular during the fall season. Other sandals you can shop are peep toe shoes as well.

If you love to go with a lounge look you go with your favorite oversized hoodie, or sweater with your sandals. Hmm, I am also thinking a knit cardigan from H&M with ribbed tank, and jeans too would pair really well with a pair of sandals . Birkenstock shoes can also be styled from lounge to all time classic look. These shoes pair very well with denim jeans, alongside a classic stripped black and white tee, and jacket.

Did you know a pair of Birkenstock shoes come with a fleece lining as well? Sign me up for a pair! You can go for an open toe Birkenstock or a close toe clogs as well.

On the note of mules and clogs, mules are the perfect early fall essential to have in your arsenal. Now my eye have been on the Jeffery Campbell Bae platform mules in the color orange. I think these are so cute for the fall. Please note, there are a few affordable platform mule dupes on Amazon.

To keep it classic, easy going essentials, you can go with a fur lined black mules with a cardigan and jean. Also, a pointed toe mule wears very well in the early fall season as well. Classic!

Lastly, ankle boots and rider boots are all time fall favorite wardrobe essentials. Ankle boots being easy wear for the early fall season as well, especially at night when its the coolest. Now, I think a mini skirt, or mini dress with a blazer alongside ankle boots would be a great combination for the fall. Period!

Thrifting Shoes for Early Fall… Not My thing

On the contrary, to be completely transparent I am not a big fan on thrifting shoes. Have I done it, yes! And I have found a cute pair or two! If I don’t really thrift something then I am not going to share with you all to do so. No shade to the girly that do it. For me I can’t find my size, and it a grounding thing for me. Babe let me tell you… if I find a pair of Doc Marten at my local thrift in good condition… they are mine! Tehee

On that note, here are my favorite shoes that I am eyeing for the season.

Black Woman in Great Dress

Sustainably Corner| Here is a list of Early Fall Wardrobe Essentials you can thrift

  • blazers
  • denim jeans
  • lingerie slip dress
  • cardigan
  • trench coats
  • midi denim skirts
  • sweater
  • oversize button down shirts
  • vest & tailored pants

Shopping sustainably is awesome. Thrifting became apart of my lifestyle when the economy started to fluctuate. However, I still needed to live and be true to myself… Your girl love style & fashion. So, I found a way to save a coin or two by thrifting.

What is the best thing you found a your local thrift?

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To mention my Featured Look

I am wearing a long sleeve bodycon dress, that features a zipper in the front. This dress has been in my closet for quite some time and I always pull it out for this season, early Fall. This is one of those cute dresses that I purchase from Forever 21.

To complete my look I added my Fendi Baguette, my favorite fall find!. This bag is perfect size and color for season and carry all my essentials! Did I mention that I got it a fraction of the price? Follow me on TikTok. In addition, I kept this look very casually and added my yellow tinted sunglass, and gold studded sandals.

This dress is a perfect piece for the early fall season. At home, we run into days wear it warm during the day and get a little chilly at night. Now for me I prefer to keep my arms warm. This dress does exactly that for me. I also love that the fact that you can easily style this dress casually, or dress it up. Casually I would add a shacket to this fit, with a pair of Dr Marten boots. To fancy this look up I wear this with pair of black rider boots or ankle boot along with a leather jacket.

What are your fall essentials for 2023?


Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of September is an amazing month for you.

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