Turning 29: How I Am Spending My Last Year of My Twenties

On Thursday I will be celebrating my 29th birthday. I can not believe how fast time as gone by. It is really the last birthday of my 20s. I have to be really frank, I feel some time of way.  I am dreading my 30s.

So my fears towards getting older are becoming irrelevant and uncool. Little kids are actually calling me ancient- Can you believe that?! I am very fearful of becoming irrelevant- like I don’t matter anymore to society.  I also dread my 30s because I feel like I am losing time, fear of not being accomplished.  I had my life planned out a certain, clearly life had other plans for me. So I am feeling insecure about a lot of things. Not being successful. No husband. Stilling renting. Just a lot of things I thought would have been different. Also I put this burden on my back that I am too old to do certain things. Like learn a new language, or to swim. Anyway I have subscribed to the negatives stereotypes of becoming older.  I am challenging myself to break out of chains that I put upon myself.

Living Life does not stop at the end of your twenties. You are never too old to do anything- nor is it to late to do anything you set your mind too. My 30s are going to better! I know more and have learn so many things from my twenties. Learning that time does not wait for anyone I am prepared to start living my life to the fullest. Being more braver ! So I plan to spend my last year of my 20s really enjoying life. I refuse to get hung up on things I can’t control. “You live long enough, you are going to get older”..  I can hear my mother. I am going to celebrate life! My purpose going forward is live my to the fullest. Best yet to come

How I Am Spending My Last Year of My 20s 

So I am not going to put myself under pressure to do things by a certain time.  This  list is simply to do things that I always wanted to do. I am pushing myself to live my life fully! Also I want to be able to say by this time next year that I able to take some risk, be bit more braver, and to live- not just exist.

30 Ways To Spend The Last Year of My 20s (1)


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What are your thoughts about getting older?

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push forward.

11 thoughts on “Turning 29: How I Am Spending My Last Year of My Twenties

  1. Yes it’s all about having a positive perspective about going into your 30s or just every birthday in general! We just thank God a chance to see another year! We love the 30 before 30 list…we wish we would have done that!


  2. This is a great list! I feel like every year I get a new opportunity to be the best me I could possibly be! Happy Belated Birthday! Xo


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