Move in Silence Like Lasagna

Move in Silence Like Lasagna

The older I get the more I understand the phrase move in silence. It that phrase let you now that you got moves, things being plan, execution, and big news .  All those things that let people know that you got some things brewing. But to often I see people typing the phrase move in silence and not actually abiding by the phrase : moveee in silenceee. rated r shut up GIF You don’t have to tell everybody what you doing sis. Also, too many people typing the phrase and not putting any action to it.   Yeah girl she aint doing nothing she said she was doing.  Lastly, sharing your big news can put a damper on your mood because of the wrong. “Yea girl how she get job I think I am more qualified then her.” Smh  hold your horses sis. LOL sis you don’t have tell everybody everything or that you moving in silence. I feel like if you say  something that open the flood gates for bs.

“plot quietly and humbly.  manifest fruitfully and abundantly.

Why is it super important to move in silence ?

  • It is important to move in silence because in all honesty is you plan fully planned out? Are you ready for the big questions? Are you prepared to execute? If you still in the phrase where you are constructing the idea, I think you should move in silence.  Don’t jump the gun. It necessary to keep this to yourself until you have your plan all figure before you execute. Once you got it all figure out you go ahead type in your caption.. “Im moving in silence LOL”

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  • It is important to move in silence because it open up the flood gates for opinions.   V All opinions are not simple or sweet. Some opinions can be critical and leave you feeling a little attack with what you have going.  Not excited anymore ? So be aware that you idea might not reach everybody and that is okay. To avoid being so vulnerable keep it to yourself until you ready. Once you understand that you go ahead and type in your caption..  “Im moving in silence. LOL”
  • It is important to move in silence because I believe you should and want to protect your creativity. This is similar to number 2 but it true too many opinion can cripple your creativity so I say keep it  to yourself. Once you understand your creativity is precious then you can type in your caption, “ I am moving in silence LOL”

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  • Lastly, It is important to move in silence because you already know the hater gon hate. The envious eyes are upon you when you have good news or big plans. I know you want to tell the world your good news but there are jealous people all around us sis. They just can’t help it they love you but they hoping you fall.  To avoid the mood killers keep it to yourself or tell the people that you know are geniunely rooting for you.  Understand this people are going to hate whether your doing bad or good. So once that is understood go head and type that phrase.. Im moving in silence. LOL

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So yes to all my sister hustling, bossing up, and making moves protect yo shit. Excuse my frankness. But in all seriousness I want yall to succeed and also on your way to success I don’t want you get stifle by talking and not doing or getting tripped up by people.  So yes hunny be excited about what you got going on.   We don’t have time for the killing of the vibes. So continue to vibe, stay in your line, don’t compare, please don’t hate on each other and grow. Focus sis or your plans and make moves! SHEEESH in silence tho  🙂

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move in silence ladies.

push forward.

So I’m Just to Cooool for You… “Right”!

So I’m Just to Cooool for You… “Right”!

I stay in the Friend Zone… Living Single in 2018s kinda of world I’m glad I got my girls !!! LOL .

Listen to me …I have been curved, I have been friend zoned. I have been confused. I have been without a label. Simply I have no idea where my love life is gonna go. SO I am Living Single 🙂 living single GIF


I am so over trying to date in this day in age. It so hard ! But I am not gonna give up.

I have always been the girl who tried to be down with the guys. I am also super shy.  I would watch sports, play video games all those things to impress the guys.  Dating is a nervous thing for me so I have a tendency of hiding my true feelings,  and my excitement.  I want to show I am really chill. Also I always wait for the guys to take lead. So with all that being said I had to start looking back at myself and see why dating and my love life is at a stand still.  Maybe you are just tooo cool for the guys. Could it be I am actually holding myself back from finding love …. lol I always thought it was just the guys fault lol. I can’t place the blame on all the guys I have come in too contact with.

With all that being said you just play it too cool when in comes to dating or being in relationship.

How can this be… These are the things that I learn from myself that show I play it too cool… Something to think about it !  Have you display some of these thing ?

  • Being too passive can attract the wrong people: Trying to be chill can be actually read as you don’t take anything serious. Well I do take things seriously I just do not wanna over estimate this.
  • Never take any action: I was ashamed and nervous to take my dating to online. At least be willing to try and put yourself out there. So I made it on a dating site. Its okay 🙂
  • Giving off the “Friend Zone” vibes:  I am the girl who really likes the guy, but  he coming to me for advice about another girl. WHY !!! I have been placed in the friend zone a lot. People read friend vibes off of me all the time. So be honest and tell that guy how you feel. Shoot your shot !

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  • Pick up the phone: I love to text ! But my suggestion is to pick up the phone and have a conversation. I really miss this !

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  • “Friend Zone” but he wants the whole chicken… really the thighs and the breast. LOL( Friends with BENEFITS): This one is really not for me! I have been in this situation and I didn’t even know it until I ask “WHAT ARE WE”… He said friends that are just enjoy each other. This situation can get really messy if feelings start to flare.  So make it clear what you want ! and if your feelings change about them let it be known immediately.
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  • Easy Going= Fail!: I don’t know how to speak up somethings, I go with the flow too much. I just want to show that I am easy going… fail ! My friends told me to speak up sometimes about what you want to do. It may show of that you are not interested.

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  • No eye contact: When I am nervous on date I hate making eye contact with the guy. Are you interest or not ? So don’t be afraid to show your interested with your eyes. Give a little eye contact
  • Waiting for them to take the lead: Honestly why I am waiting for guys to let me know how they feel about me ? Lord knows men do not know how to show their emotions!
  • I hate rejection: Because I afraid of rejection I don’t even try ! How is that going to improve your love life. Go ahead and put yourself our there. Are you gonna land in the hospital if he says no? HMMM maybe not lol!

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If I want to date more then I definitely going to be a bit more proactive. Of course not gonna give up on men lol.  LOL if you wanna date you can if you don’t not a problem. I just going to be a bit more proactive with dating. Maybe get over my fear in asking guys out.  Work on my shyness and work on be too chill. “I really do care I just don’t want you to know attitude” I’m gonna work on it. I plan to speak up and tell men exactly how I feel and what I want.


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Golden Moment for all Woman

Golden Moment for all Woman

and for men…..

I am late to the party. Honestly I normally don’t watch the Golden Globe Awards. It always seem middle age and boring to me. I had to watch Oprah accept the Cecil B DeMille Award. I wasn’t prepared for Oprah to make a remarkable, powerful speech.  Lord she really brought the house down and I am glad that I was able to witness and hear this speech today.  I am the young woman sitting in front of the tv : “cheap seats” absorbing it all being inspire by the movement. My voice is powerful and my truth is my tool. Its one of those speeches that I will carry with me.. I printed it out of course. The movement and Oprah’s speech made me feel comfortable telling my ME TOO story. 


I remember being at a college party with some friends. It was so crazy I was on my way out  I got pulled in the bathroom by this guy that was at the party. It was an apartment party off of campus.  The guy was there the whole night and he was drunk and I remember not really paying any attention to him.  While in the bathroom he was feeling all on me and kissing all over me. I can remember saying stop and no and in my head I DID NOT want this at all. I remember trying to say calm… don’t make a scene. I was frozen.  Thank GOD my friends were there and they were able to get me out of situation.  Thank GOD nothing else happen.  How did I condition myself to just brush it off. What the hell was I thinking? It took me awhile to really understand but this was sexual assault. It was not right.  I didn’t even realize that actually happen to me.   I think about how many times… too many times I brushed off men making me uncomfortable. Putting me in a bad position.  Just saying men will be men. But enough is enough. Me too & Time is Up.


Ladies stand up !  LISTEN UP !! I’M TALKING No matter what somebody has to say stand up and speak you truth. You are powerful. Lets make it point to change the norm. This is great day for woman, a great day for change. Understand this we still have a lot of hurdles to get over. But it forces us all, women and men to have the conversation. We need the conversation !! 

OPRAH 2020 ??

Well, lets Oprah live her best life.

speak you truth

push forward.



Sensitive to the Bone

Sensitive to the Bone

Omg she is so sensitive? Don’t cry because people are going to think you are weak?  Just get over it !!You need to get tougher skin? Why are you so anxious ? LOL you look frazzle.

I have heard it all. This weekend my emotions were on over drive due to my lady time. Everything was under my skin, and have been dub the name bipolar Alayna. In addition, I was told that I don’t say certain things to you because I know you can’ take it.  **Side eye** That it I can take it anymore. LOL I can take it anymore I am so tired of it all. I tired of people looking at me funny because I am breaking down in tears because your tone is off. I do not like when people laugh at me because I am becoming anxious in a large crowd.  I know some people just do not understand it so I am going to explain it the best way I can. My goal is to get you all to understand how people like me feel and to drop the stigma of having emotions equal weakness. Sidenote: it is a lot of articles about high sensitvity and empath. Where was all of this when I was in high school LORD !! lol

I am a highly sensitive person and a empath.

High sensitive people are easily overwhelmed by busy days, we withdraw from the world fast, we have an issue with tone, feel very deeply, cry easily, have a hard time with decision making and often told don’t take thing so personal! How can you tell somebody not to take things personal when they literally feel everything? Easily said then done. Lastly, Sometimes we have the tendencies with “going along with the flow” because we stay far away from conflict.  This is life and mind of highly sensitive person. So take a step back before you past judgement on us and say we are crazy.

First and foremost because we feel so deeply we are highly intuitive and we are more empathetic. I think the world needs more empathy. Being sensitive  does not mean you are weak. I say you are very in tune with your emotions and you are not afraid to show them . You are passionate! You simply can not  shy away from who you are. You have to express your feelings. That how we were creative.

Let me use myself as an example. I have dealt with a lot of unsettling things in school, with guys, in life in general. I can say that I am prone to anxiousness  due to those things. But with all those things happening to me I still keep it all together. I am a strong resilient woman.  I can still remain positive, I still smile and can still enjoy my life. I have times where my emotions wreak havoc but they are the ending factor to it all. Does that sound like a weak person ? Hell No !!

How do I over come being a highly sensitive person

I am always going be sensitive person and empath. I have come to terms with how God made me. But I do have some tips on how I counteract all of this.

First I give all my problems to God. I say prayer is a major key for me. If you are not super religious that cool too, meditation is also a major key or you can just go to tip 2

I have to get away from it all. So I withdraw from the world. I have to go to my  comfort zone, which is my home. That is my quiet place to go to calm down. If you at work find a quiet meeting room or nock to collect yourself to.

Get plently of sleep

Yoga helps me deal with the all the stress that comes along with being a sensitive. Alot of time we create stress out of thin air. So I choose yoga to release it all through

Embrace who you are

Remember you are not weak. You are strong !!

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