Streets of Detroit

Happy Wednesday!!

I am born and raised in the city of Detroit. I know what the media portrays it to be this bad city. Just take the time to look at these photos. Detroit in my lifetime is going to make a beautiful comeback.

On another note, I tired to be daring when pick a this tulip skirt. In all honesty I wanted to show off my legs LOL ! I paired this skirt with a jean jacket and a simple white tank. Now that bad part about this skirt is that the mini skirt underneath would not stay down when I walk so I would suggest getting a bigger size or wear a slip to keep the skirt underneath down.

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Jacket: Nicole Jean Jacket// JCPenny

Shirt: Arizona Tank Top// JC Penny

Skirt: Olive Ruched & Striped Tulip Skirt// Charlotte Russe

Shoes: Black Caged Block Heels// Target

Purse: Burgundy Crossover w/ Gold Accents // Dry Goods

Special Thanks to my sister for taking my pictures !! Awesome photos!!

Photo credit: Richelle Marie Photography – (

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Always remember if you got it flaunt it !!


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