Celebrating 1 year of being a blogger.  When I first started my blog I was so nervous. I did not know where to start, how to start; I was mess. I just knew that I want to share my story with everyone. I have become more confident with myself, my writing, and creativity.

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Now, I must say this has not been easy for me. I have compared myself to so many other plus size bloggers in their success.  I know for sure that most bloggers have done this compare themselves to others. We get so plugged or wrapped into what going on in social media, you can’t help but start comparing yourself to others- wishing their success was yours.  What I have learn from blogging this past year is to RUN YOUR OWN RACE. Instead of focusing on others and their accomplishments, I need to make my own.  Comparing your self to others and take you off your grind and yourself. This is only the beginning for me and I can not compare myself to another blogger that started 2+ years before me.

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This year is going to be bigger and better for my blog. I plan to be more consistent with posting.  I also want to connect with others bloggers, brands, and develop a bigger audience.

Lastly,I want to thank my sister, Richelle who have taken my picture throughout this journey. I  also want to thank all of you that have like, shared, reblogged.  I am very grateful for you all and it only makes me want to do better this year.



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