Push Through!

Happy Friday,

I am so happy to be posting today. DAMN. I feel like I’ve been gone so long. Honestly I really can’t describe how I’ve been feeling lately. I just know that I was so uninspired. I had some many things going on it my head that I really just stepped back from everything.



You know I have this tendency for whatever reason that I get really trapped in my thoughts. Mostly sad and angry thoughts and those thoughts hold me hostage. I had to send myself a eviction notice. GET OUT YOUR FEELINGS and push though it all !! Time to get back to work. Somethings as being a reader myself, on others blogs and Instagram, we have the tendency to think that person life is so lit. But hell we all have our moments. We are human and its no perfect people. No matter how good your stories or newsfeed on Instagram look we just people and we go through shit.untitled(193of588)

Since I needed to push myself back to work I decided to link up with  my blogger best friend Leah Vernon from Beauty and the Muse. We decided on a Spring theme look.
This shoot was supposed to be about big girls on the bike!! Lordt let me tell you modeling on a bike is so hard. Especially when you are trying to ride with it and model.


Sidenote: I was supposed to take pictures at a different location and I forgot that my car is small. So I go the bike but the bike would not fit in my car.So the bike was a fail this time but I will get myself on a bike and model before the spring and summer is out! I had to laugh after the fact. I was so moody (girly issues) during this photoshoot and Leah was battling a cold. Geez !! But we push through all it and took some really great pictures.


Shop My Look:

T-Shirt: Tie Dye Graphic Tee// Forever21(LINK)

Skirt: Distressed Denim Mini Skirt// Forever21 (LINK)

Shoe: Vinyl Open Toe Lucite Heel Bootie// Burlington (LINK)

Accessories: Pink Heart Shape Choker //Forever21 (SIMILAR)

***Special Thanks to Richelle Marie who always slay the photo game. She is an amazing photographer!!
(Photo credit: Richelle Marie Photography – IG: @ richellemariephoto)


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