Not Your Cup of Tea!


Happy Wednesday,

No matter how much you try or what you do there is going to be somebody that simply does not like you. This is something so hard for me to swallow at times. I am not perfect and have done my share of wrong but I am good person. I want everybody to like me. Honestly see all the likes and comments fuel me sometimes. Being a blogger I want to reach everyone. But in reality it not gonna happen. So should you stop living your life ……. HELL NO! You are not everyones cup of tea.

Do not try to fit in, shape, or mold yourself into someone else truth…be yourself and live your truth.

Forget those people. Those people try to dim your light. They try to make you feel bad about yourself. Are you gonna let them do that …. HELL NO! Don’t even try to waste your precious time to convince them otherwise.  It no point. Think and move forward.

The world is fill with people that truly care for you and love you. So shine your light on them because they definitely matter. Love yourself and be yourself. That truth with resonate… see how many people you attract then.

Remember no matter what you do their is going to somebody that doesn’t like you.  Like Kevin Hart says have shoulder shrug moment or shrug like Kanye. Keep feeding yourself positive vibrations.

“So fill your heart with whats important and be done with all the rest”


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