Stay In Your Lane

Don’t compare yourself to others… it a route that definitely leads you to unhappiness. I definitely struggle with this from time to time. Somethings I do not know I am even doing it . But, Ii is easier said than done and I know I am not alone with this one.  We live in a age of social media and it rules everything around us, dollar dollar bill y’all ( I had Wu Tang moment don’t judge me). It really does tho, you sit there and you are scrolling through you timeline and look at others people lives and you start to get caught out in all the noise- Comparing yourself. We even do it when we are having conversations with friends, and collegues – comparing yourself. We compare our looks, lives, wealth, and everything in between. Something we compare ourselves to make ourselves feel good. All in all somebody always get hurt and always takes a stab at our confidences.


When you compare yourself to others, it always looked at as a weakness. You may have a short live boost of ego and who wants that however its short lived. Worst part of it all you end up resenting someone that did nothing to you.  Remember no one wins in this situation. This why I tell myself all the time to stay in your lane. You honestly don’t know and will never know what people go through.

So simply stay in your lane. 

When I say stay in your lane I am not saying you need to mind your own business per say. However, I am saying to have tunnel vision. Focus is a major key. Keep yourself focus on yourself and what you have going on. Push forward. Everything you need and want will come in due time if you work hard at. Remember don’t get caught up with what others have and what they got going on. You can not compare your 6 month of work to person with 5 years of work under their belt. It unfair to do. So stop it!

How do we stop comparing yourself?

  1. First you have recognize that you are doing it. It so apart of nature we don’t even recognize that we are doing it.
  2. When you see yourself compare yourself – stop it immediately
  3. Being thankful for what your already have and what you already have accomplish. You are more blessed than you even know it
  4. Focus on what you do best – We all have strengths
  5. Be okay with you flaws too – Nobody was made perfect
  6. MAJOR KEY: Don’t knock other peoples shines
  7. Focus on where you are going. – Life is not a competition
  8. Learn to love enough

Simply when you stay in your own lane, their is no one to compete with.

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