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Hey yall

I had so much fun in Chicago… Just take me back please away from my full time job just for a weekend. Anywho, while I was in Chicago for the Dream Big Curvy Girl Fashion & Beauty Conference I was able to pay a visit to the newly establish store Eloquii **drops the confetti**. Prior to going to  Chicago  I was invited to a special party at Eloquii however I was still on the bus while the party was going on. I was little bummed out, that would have been a good ice breaker for me to meet a few of the other girls prior to the conference. But that was not going to stop me! I was going to Eloquii before I went home ! FACTS. Eloquii has three locations now.  They have store in Arlington, VA , Columbus, OH, and of course Chicago. They are location in tthe The Shops at North Bridge off the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Ave).

Gates of Plus Size Fashion Heaven

As soon as a walk I was greeted with a friendly smile and asked if I need help. SIDENOTE: I love to be acknowledge while I am in the store.  Actually you when a salesperson does that it actually makes me wanna buy something.  Oh yeah, the lady ask me did I want mimosa or water.. ***PAUSE ** A mimosa !!! Hell yeah I want a mimosa lol.  Im really buying something now. After I down my mimosa I got in my shopper mode and started looking around and picking up everything. Now off course the online store has a bigger selection but I was so happy that I can actually walk in the store and browse. Who says browse … my momma.

Why do I love Eloquii ??
I first fell in love with Eloquii when it came to their skirts. They always had unique contemporary skirts and they were for me, my size.  Besides the skirt everything is so stylish. You go to work on a Monday and go straight into the weekend. What I mean is that you can dress up or down. They are pushing the envelope.  I believe each piece was design with a lot of love. Sidenote: the quality bar is set so high . I love that.


Okay so about the fitting room. That was whole another experience. I love how special they make you feel in the store. The lounging area before you get into the fitting room was so cool.  I have feeling that the comfort of the room really take the ease of of trying things on in the store. I know for myself I hate trying on things at the store. I don’t know if it an anxiety thing or what. Or maybe it could be that scared that something is nothing going to work out. Besides all that the fitting room was super comfortable and contemporary flair.

The lounging area in the fitting room was so COOOL !!

You already know I love a sale! While I was there a caught a sale. Eloquii can be a little expensive to me. However, I think about quality of pieces. I definitely consider a place were I can get a lot of “investment pieces“.  Go ahead a splurge a bit. I bet you can get many wears out of Eloquii

Caught yall on a SALE DAY !!

What did I like the most about the store?

My favorite part of the store was how comfortable they made me feel. They made me feel like I was at home. I was so relax and felt comfortable in my skin. I don’t know if I am the only person but I feel a lot of stress when comes to shopping something. Especially when I am looking for something to where when I am going out. However, tt was easy to navigate and just enough in the store . I did not feel uncomfortable to try on clothes, and everyone was super friendly.

I give them a FASHIONLAYN stamp of approval

I could give up shopping but I am not a quitter 🙂

What did I buy ?

I can’t tell yall that yet. Just stay tuned and of course I will have them tagged !!


So to all my ladies that are blessed with a little extra and have a hard time finding a few pieces to add to your closest I say shop at Eloquii. They have a lot of items that will carry you from work to night out. The quality is super bomb !


Alayna 🙂



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