Event Recap: Femology Robes & Rosé Event for the Ultimate Social Gathering

Last Sunday I attend an event called “Robes & Rosé”.  I must say it was  ultimate social event for like mind women to come together network and make some connections.  Its funny I say connections because Femology Detroit, a modern-day business work space for women and Supernatural, a lingerie store for modern and “magical women.


These two different business platforms came together to collaborate for  founders, CEOs, bloggers, vloggers, business owners, influencers, and more to come together to socialize and make some connections.  I am all for making connections with women. We need more events like this to bring women together. Female Camaraderie ! Check out post on the importance of  female camaraderie.

At the social event we got a chance to meet the female founder, Carlie the Women Owned Business called Supernatural Lingerie.  She is based out of her hometown Birmingham, MI . She shared her journey with us on how she got started and why she felt is was important to have actual lingerie store. She stated, that she was actual store for women to come in to try on and feel the pieces on.   I also got a chance to introduce myself to Carlie, I asked her a questions about plus size items.  She express that a few of her pieces bra sizes range to 36G and panties and other bottoms range to 2X. Not bad So if you find yourself in Birmingham and you some new imitate wear, Supernatural is located on 303 E Maple Rd and they are open from Tuesday through Sunday from 11-5.


Carlie in the middle with super support system.

Her mom(left) and sister (right)

Back to the event, so again it took place at Supernatural. When I walked into the event I was greeted with familiar faces from Instagram, past event and tables full of sweet treats,  tasty finger foods , rose bouquets and rosé everywhere.  You know Femology really knows how to put together event with some much class and femininity.


Beautiful Spread By Gourmet Platters



Sweet Tooth Treats By Terri’s Cakes




Ladies showcasing their best lingerie inspired looks at the event


My Outfit deets…

So this event inspirational look that Robes and Rosé were going for the ultimate lingerie look. Lingerie, robes, fuzzy pumps,  lacy body suits, and more to spice up the fun. I decide to take it a different route. I expect everyone to wear a lacy bodysuit and robe however I wanted to be a bit more comfortable. This weekend I had a bit of a cold and I was not in the mood to expose my chest to the in between weather lol. So I took the Boohoo black graphic, that says “WOMAN” and paired it with Red and Blue Kimono from Forever21.  The look came out cute. Also because I am so ready for fall I put on my super comfortable thigh high boots from Lane Bryant. This look a bit of street style theme and little bit of flirtation with the robe. Serving looks all day!

Plus Size Tropical Floral Kimono// Forever 21


Meagan and myself taking a selfie !

little sidenote: 

consistency is key. the more you put yourself out there and keep producing quality content the more people see you. you never know when people are watching you grow. when i was at the event. Meagan,  the founder of Femology, approached me and told me i was doing a great job. she was like i see you doing your thing. so i am here to say that keep going, don’t stop you never know who is watching your growth. 



So yes it was another successful event with Femology.   I again met some wonderful women. Always  special shout to Meagan and her team for bring this delightful event to light.  To know more about Femology Detroit do not hesitate to visit their site Special shout to Carlie for being such a nice host, your lingerie pieces are super magical !


Carlie the store owned turn her dream of having a lingerie store. So my question to you is…

If you could own your own business what would it be ?

I want to be a successful blogger and work with large campaigns and brands. So I will ultimately want a street style fashion store for curvy women sizes ranges from 12-28.

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push forward.




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