It’s October!!

Happy October. Omg can you believe it… we are in the 4th quarter of the year ! I can even keep it up. Every time I look it up we are in a new month, almost a new year. Shesh !  So this month is about HEALING ! The focus on healing myself inside and out , and mentally. Last month I hit a big bump , you know that big bump is called life.  The experience really left me feeling really low. I want to help us understand that we make messes in life but we can clean them up. Our flaws and wounds are apart of us but they  don’t minimize the good within us. We are still good people sis and the MOST HIGH still loves us regardless.  So with all that being said I want to focus on healing this month for you and for me, and still bring yall some bomb fashion to mix !

Your purpose is hidden within your wounds.

-Rune Lazuli

Fashion Note

So on the fashion tip this month I notice that the whole 70s trends is back and in full effect. I was at Forever21 the other day and I notice that bell bottoms, bold prints, and wrap dresses were out in display. This is all resembles the 70s one way or the other. It definitely a look and I have been inspired this month to bring the 70s to the fore front. And sense Halloween is near I think I am going to 70s inspired Fashion look as my costume for this halloween season. I can’t wait to show yall what I am working on as my costume this Halloween

Brands that I want to get my hands on this month of course more SheIN, I just need to get   more of understanding with the sizes! Asos Curve, FashionNova, and Pretty Little Things! Speaking of PrettyLittle Things have you seen the new plus size collection that added featuring Ashley Graham. My little heart can’t take it omg!!! So cute, I saw a few pieces I want and need to get my hands on


Blog Note 

For the blog, you know how I feel about continuing to bring quality content an info to the blog for yall my readers. Yall are my friends and I think I want to something special for yall. How about a GIVEAWAY !!. Yeah I feel in the giving spirit so yes it is coming yall way. So stay tuned for that! I will announce it on my BLOG and INSTAGRAM.

Last month I went to another Femology Event: Robes and Rosé! I had so much fun at this event ! If you want to here more about this event check out the Robes and Rose recap. So with that being I going to a 2 more events this month. I love eventing!  Yes I made the word eventing up. When I go to events it get me out my comfort zone. It get me comfortable to talk to other people. So to all my sis out there that are building business and brands—– NETWORKING is very important! COLLABORATING is very important. So that what I am doing !


Personal Note/ Goals

Now for myself! As a blogger I have to keep some things in balance. I have to remember to make sure Alayna is A1. If I am not all together then how can I continue to deliver.  So for myself you already know that my focus is on healing my mind, body, and soul. By doing so I have been searching for a therapist in my area. However, find a black therapist is certainly a hard task.

  1. Find a Black Woman Therapist to help me cope with something in my life
  2. Drink more water and eat less meat
  3. Start reading Sister Souljah- Midnight book
  4. Take my vitamins everyday – because I forget lol
  5. Start Christmas shopping this month so I want be caught slipping at the last minute


That is what is to come for FashionLayn this month ! Happy Healing Everyone !



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