March Favorites: Things I am Loving & Enjoy !


Happy Wednesday! Wow this month has truly been a great month and interesting month at the same time. I can say this month has been long but a good month for me. Some up and and some down, however I am so glad to be here. In today’s post I sharing some of my favorite things in the month of March. Yess, so lets get into my experiences this month.

First, let start off by talking about this rib-knit blue cardigan. This cardigan is such perfect introduction piece and color for the spring months ahead. I love this cardigan. Of course I got this piece from my favorite store H&M for $24.99. Listen after they put H&M in Downtown Detroit, I have been in that store just about every weekend. Overall, I love cardigan and what they give to spring weather

On another note, I love gold jewelry is now and will forever be my go to.

First thing I reach for after putting my outfit together for shoot or everyday is my Old English “D” Necklace. I purchase this necklace from Harper Ray Accessories, a Black Owned Business Brand. This necklace is such a staple piece in my wardrobe, and show how much love I have for the Detroit, my hometown !

Necklace | Big Hoops | Little Earring (Bird Bee) |

love purchasing rose from Trader Joe’s, especially in this scarlet red color. I like to by fresh rose for myself because it my form of self care, a little way of showing myself some love and little grace. Every weekend, Saturday, I go to grocery store just to find this roses in this specific color! The location I go to always have them!

Next, This outfit was by far my favorite outfit I capture on and put on I was so happy this day.

IF you want to shop this look you can click here.

My favorite piece to date is my Telfar bag. Another Black Owned business I love. Click here to check out my blog post about this bag.

Next, let talk about perfume. One of my friends really put me up on fragrances and really getting into black feminity and such. So I have been collecting fragrances. A few days ago I bought my first Jo Malone London fragrance from Nordstrom. This fragrances is called Wood Sage & Sea Salt, it is a woody scent with hint of floral. I fell completely in love with it on the initial spritz on my skin. The scent alone stays and mix with my body chemistry or body natural scent so well. I love it. This is the 1 fl oz bottle and currently on sale at Nordstrom for $61.70.

This was such a beautiful day in Detroit! I was so in love with how the sun was coming through the window, blessing the plants

Lastly, Mented Cosmetics have been my go to. I love all their products and have recently became a Mentfluencer for them! So such a good feeling to be apart of the family! I can’t wait to try out more of these complexion products !

In conclusion, this has been a great month and I am looking forward to next month and all the new and favorite things that I will mention.

What are some of your favorite things this March ?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of March is an amazing month for you.

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