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Happy Friday. Judging by this title you already know we are talking about more fall essentials, leather goods. We have since evolved from our classic ensembles, such as classic sweater & denims to now chic silhouette of leathers. Especially leather pants!

Now before you chop my head off leather has always been thing. More consciously, I understand that folks have shy away from purchasing of leather goods due to slaughter of animals. I get it! Vegan leather has been prove to be more ethical. However, I find thrifting leather good works for me when it comes to affordable and sustainability. Recycling leather goods is the play! When it comes to shopping more sustainable, and ethical, I decided to back away from purchasing of new leather goods. Thus, my own focal point is to shop thrifted and or resold vintage leather goods Leather goods is in for the season. Definitely a new staple to look out for.

So in today’s post I am sharing my thrifted leather collections. Leather pants, purses, and jackets. Leather is definitely showing up for reason.

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Fall Essentials1| Vintage Leather Pants

I love a pair of pants that can turn heads for the fall.

Let’s talk about wardrobe staples: leather pants. I found these genuine leather pants from vintage shop, called Flamingo Vintage Detroit for $50. I was so ecstatic when I came across these pant. Finding faux leather pants were on my wish list. However, to come across pre-owned genuine leather pants left me grabbing these pants off the rack so fast. I tried them on, size 14, and they fit like a dream.

TIKTOK: How To Style Vintage Leather Pants

After purchasing these pants I have worn them a few times. Fitting like glove, however a little tight in the inner thigh. Other than that I love these pants, a great alternative from denim jeans. Easily styled up and down.

Please note that the choice is yours, you can always switch out or go for faux leather option for your fall essentials

Anyway I styled these faux leather pants with thrifted H&M oversized cotton-blend button up top. I though cross tucking my shirt would create a sexy blousing effect. Next up I added a sun chain belt from Plume Vintage and my cute top handled bag from another vintage shop. Lastly, to complete the look are pair of cute sandal heels for those warmer fall nights.

Did you you can some great thrifted wardrobe from online thrift shop, ThredUP.

What do you think of this look?

Here a few of favorite pre-owned leather pants:

Check out WhoWhatWear.com for affordable and vegan leather pant options Red Leather Jacket

Fall Essential 2 | Vintage Leather Jacket

Red leather coat is firing up my wardrobe for the Fall season

Another fall essentials can be leather jackets or leather blazer. More about essentials check out my fall essential post. So finding a colorful leather jacket is on my wishlist.

During my thrifting journey I stumbled across this long red leather jacket from my favorite thrift store, Value World. This jacket is everything, outside my various shades of leather jackets. This jacket is so bold and very becoming in which made it very easy to style.

TIKTOK : How To Style My Vintage Red Leather Coat

This jacket is simply everything. It has the right amount room for layering. Can you believe it only cost me $20?

Now for this look I wanted to feel like I was walking around in Soho , New York. I paired this bold red leather jacket with a knitted pullover from H&M. I was actually looking for a white turtleneck in my closet, however I don’t own one. So this pullover work very well. Next I added my thrifted Wrangler jeans I distressed on the side. I wanted them to be like Maison Margiela Straight leg jeans. Lastly pair it with faux snakeskin boots and vintage Dooney & Burke from vintage shop, Livin Vintage.

Here are a few vintage leather jackets:

Check out WhoWhatWear.com for other styles of leather jackets for the fall season.

My Personal Leather Collection

Let chat about my own personal collection of fall essentials.

Lastly, my own leather collection consists of more fall essentials; all from the the thrift shops or resale shops. As I’ve began on my thrifting journey I have found tons of great things. First, different shades of leathers jacket from cream to red. I found these jackets at the thrift store. All ranging at the price point $20-$50.

Next up is my purse collection featuring vintage Coach handbag, and Dooney & Burke bags. I have bought these purse from a range of different resale shops. Finding Dooney & Burke bags has definitely been the highlight to my journey and definitely cross off my wishlist.

What is on your leather good wish list?

Overall, leather pants and jackets are two of my favorite staple. This textile can elevate any look in my opinion from day to night. What do you think ?


Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of September is an amazing month for you.

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