DROPPIN’ GEMS: Doubt Kills Dreams

DROPPIN’ GEMS: Doubt Kills Dreams

Have you heard the phrase… “Doubt kills more dream than failure ever will” ? Yeah I came across this quote on Pinterest and it really got me thinking about self doubt and how easy we can fall to it. Doubt can make you lack confidence in your abilities to accomplish something.  It hold you back from doing great things.  We all were given potential to do something great with our lives. However we still doubt ourselves.

Why do you doubt ourselves in the first place ?

  1. Fear that we can’t sustain.
  2. Habitual doubter – It’s habit – sidenote: it take 21 days to break a habit.
  3. We lack the skills or the experiences
  4. Not putting the past behind us
  5. We believe what others day
  6. Surround by people who doubt themselves
  7. Comfort Zone/ Complacent

All these things can make you doubt yourself. Doubt your potential and then it can kill your dream ! So listen we do not have time for the dream killing or the dream killers. Doubt definitely kills dreams more than failure. Doubt will have you thinking all negative thought on why something can not happen for you. Listen: Believe in yourself… Im going to say it again. Believe in yourself. You can do anything that you put your mind. That might sound cliche but it the truth.


How do we stop doubting ourselves

  1. Stay inspired: No matter if you truly believe in what your doing you have to have that little push to keep us going. So do what you have to do to keep you inspire to keep going. Literally it inspiration everywhere you just need to receptive to it.
  2. Stop comparing yourself: I think I have said these few times in different post but you have stop comparing yourself to others and what they are doing. I know it hard because you want to be great too. However time has it on agenda for you. You make yourself feel inadequate.
  3. Be aware when you are being your worst critic: I think you are selling yourself short when you over criticized
  4. Postive affirmations: I like to read positive and motivational quotes to keep in the right head space when I am feeling down.


“Self Doubt is the anchor that keeps our ships from sailing”.


On the Fashion Tip:

I feel like I am bring a spring denim look to the table. Of course you already know I have an addiction to graphic tees. It just so me ! Denim can be done anyway. This is a simply everyday look. Why did get this WOMAN graphic tees? Simply I got it because I am woman.

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Special Thanks:

JORDVN X RYVN (Jordan), a Detroit Photographer, who took these amazing photos of me. His work is beautiful and he capture the moment so lovely. Thanks again

Instagram: @hecutsa|Facebook: Jordan X RYVN

Location: Royal Oak, Michigan

So my dearest readers and myself believe in yourself and your dream. Doubt kills dream and we don’t have time for it. Your dream matters. So stop doubting yourself and believe in that dream and make it a reality !

push forward. chase the dream.


Girls Trip is the Best Medicine

Girls Trip is the Best Medicine

We’re going to be staying up late, drinking, making memories that we can laugh about for the rest of our lives, because that’s what a girls trip is for.”

-Dina aka Tiffany Haddish “Girls Trip”

Yes hunny I couldn’t stay it any better. I am coming back from a bomb ass trip ! Excuse my language but I have to be really honest about how I am feeling. I just got back from Washington DC… the nations capitol. This trip was one of the best experience that I had so far.  Now I did not get a chance to check out the monuments and all the others stuff but I had a another chance to bond with my girls… my sister ! #tripsandrisk

IMG_0827We have been traveling together for a few years. Greek picnics, Atlanta, Toronto… and now DC. I really needed this trip because  I was really burnt out at work. The same thing everyday is so tiresome and you really start to lose it…. lose your sanity and the essence that make you a fun person. I really looked back at my life and I am like I really not enjoying it like I should. I am 28 years old and I can’t say that I really did anything ! So yes DC trip with so super fun ! We were out there living are best lives. Getting ready to go the hottest clubs, take long needed naps, eating great food, and just bonding. people can’t say they have that with woman.


Girls Trip is Self Care..

Have you just taken a good look at your life? We as  black women have so much going on.. either we are packing lunch, planning launch… and pattin’ weave ( like Amanda Seales said). Literally we focus so much time on other people and things and none on ourselves. So with that being said let hit the road with your most closest friends. Research shows that hanging with you girlfriends can help increase your overall health and well being. You get a chance to relax, and lose a little control in a good way.  Girlfriends are good for the kid !


Stigma of a Girls Trip..

Being around women in a car for more than 4 hours can be too much for some women. Is it really a lot of drama. I can say I was conflicted about girls trips but it definitely has been perfected over the years. Spending times with these women more than 4 hours and being in close quarter you really get to known them even more. So its really good experience. I believe you get the right people together, learn each other, and communicate effectively you have an awesome girls trip.  Think about making fun memories and experiences is medicine. I love talking about the trips and the things we done after the fact. It literally make me feel so good. These are things that I can cherish for the rest of my life!


Why Girls Trip are Needed?

Judgment Free Zone: You get the right girls to hang out with no one really cares about what you do or the random guy you kissed the other night. As long as your safe and you accounted for that all that matters. So it judgement free zone.

Well needed relaxation: When I’m on a trip with the girls I feel like I am not getting any rest because it literally long night every time. However I catching up on being relax and calm. While they are napping I am catching up on reading, or just mental stability.

Talk about Guys: Open forum about guys are so much fun ! Like we feel comfortable opening talking about guys, their shenanigans, if they good in the sheets or not… etc!

Honesty Box: You can open about what going in you life. Express feelings with women who know the struggles. You are free to be honest and vulnerable


On the Fashion Tip

My Favorite Looks on the Trip

2 days of Slaying with the same sandals !


First Look: Rebdolls Red 2 piece set

This was my first two piece set I ever had and its in red. OMG I gave salsa mami in this picture. I love this piece so much because it was daring. Also this set took me out my comfort zone. The material alone was very nice and thick.

Always Winning Skirt// Rebdolls LINK

Aways Winning Crop Top//Rebdolls LINK

First of Rebdolls comes thru with the looks and the set. I love the fact that the sets you can buy separately. The way my body is set up I am smaller and the top and heavier at the bottom. So I need a smaller size at the top. Also you can mix match different pieces.


Second Look: Forever21 Tank Dress

I literally have this dress in 3 others colors. This dress makes my life so complete. You can dress it up or down. This dress does my hourglass frame justice. Also having a little black dress is essential to put in you bad when going on trips.

Black Bodycon Tank Dress// Forever21 – LINK

Thank you forever for this dress!! Keep them coming in more colors!


So with all that being said check up on yourself. Evaluate what going on in your life and take some time for traveling. Traveling is self care ! We all need time to get away from our surroundings. Get with your closest friends that are loyal and set up some time and place and payment plan.

When is your next road trip and where are you going ?

I want to know so let me know below in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading.

push forward.


Beautifully Broken

Beautifully Broken

FashionLayn Collaborates with BnPowered

BnPowered is motivational movement that inspire a person to be empower by their own personal life, journey, or story. We all have a experience something in our lives that have shape how we are today. Let me say everything that I experience in life has not always been good. I learn over the years how to cope with my bad experiences, and to take power over them and flip my negatives into positives. No I will not be defined by those bad times.

I am so honor to collaborate with Brit Lashae from BnPowered. When black girlS link up we create magic ! First, Brit Lashae is a beautiful black women who use her story, took control of her narrative, and just like her name she is teaches us all how to BnPowered ( be empowered) !  So awesome right yes! I could not say no to this. I am always in search for motivation. Brit Lashae is a survivor , a personal trainer, author, a motivational speaker, and of course the founder BnPowered movement. I am so glad to be apart of the movement!


I was broken ! However I changed my narrative. I would not be define by negativity!

My “Beautifully Broken ” Story

I had a relationship go all the way wrong while I was in my freshman year of college. So I met this guy through my best friend. I fell in love with the guy because he was so kind to everyone despite all he had going on. We dated for two years, and that was my first big relationship. Anywho when I went up to college I remember we decided to break up–honestly I don’t remember why but we did. I can remember that I still was in love with him and I still wanted to be with him badly. Here is the twist, my roommate at the time was a sweet girl. I would consider at the time one of my good friends and I was so happy to have her with me during college. However it all change.  Now remember the guy I was with for 2 years he visit me a few times up and school, thinking he was trying get back with me he only had eyes for my roommate….. Long story short all he wanted was her! They were together right in my face. A real life couple. My roommate and the guy I feel so in love with ! I became the third wheel. I though she was my friend, and thought he had loyalty to me.

What did I do… I tried to deal with, stay in my quiet, until I blew up on them both. This situation left me so broken. I could not believe this would happen to me. I lost my self esteem. I lost my confidences. I lost myself. I was so broken during this time, mind you I had a full load of classes ! It is sad to say it really took me a few years to get myself together. I felt like I would never be find love from man ever. Honestly it took a long time to even get back in the dating scene. So many fail attempts because I was trying to find something to replace that void in my heart.

Eventually, I pick up all the broken pieces and mended myself back together. I prayed, and meditated. I learn that I am worthy of love. Also, I learn to appreciate the experiences. Yes it was a bad experiences but I learn something out of it I am love. Self Love that I needed to have for myself. I needed to love and value myself more. I would not be define by the two that hurt me so.

“We all have broken pieces, but they are Beautifully Broken pieces that are part of the journey.”

-Brit Lashae

Read Brit Lashae story and how she was inspired to create this shirt ! (Read More)


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Special Thanks:

Special shoutout to BnPowered for collaborating with me ! It really warms my heart when I get a chance to collaborate with a black owned business.  Thank you so much hunny! Congrats on your 1 Year anniversary for BnPowered!! Keep flourishing !

Bnpowerd: Instagram @BnPowered | Facebook | BnPowered.com


So what are you going to do with your broken pieces ?

push forward.

All That Color… Its April !

All That Color… Its April !

Wow its the day after Easter. Can you believe it was Easter Sunday, April Fools Day, and rent is due all at the same time. Wow !! Last month went my way I can say. I was organize and I noticed how many things I say that accomplish. I learn that accountability is important when it comes to being a blogger and just real life stuff ! So yes,  I knocked all my personal goals out the park last month and I am excited to keep this momentum going in April.  In April Sexual Assault Awareness Month, this something we really need to focus on. Also make sure we address with all women and men, especially with our women of color. So its definitely going to be address on the blog. Lastly the fashun.. oh how I love fashion. I want to take it a step further on with my look.

Fashion Note

My wardrobe consist of denim jeans, graphic tees, black jeggings, and dresses!  Thats really it, my staples to my everyday looks. However I still feel like I am dressing like Alayna the college student. It is time to grow. Again, I keep stressing how much I want to grow up when it comes to fashion. So that is the plan is to grow up. I still want to be myself however just advance my look. On the flip side, I was flipping through the April 2018 InStyle magazine, and I came across a spread about mixing some of the hottest hues caught on the fashion runways. Omg I was so inspired ! So yes we are bring all that color to blog! For the month of a April yes we are still keeping the focus on spring fashion. However I am intrigued by vibrant colors, and a utilitarian look.

Blog Note

For the blog this month I am in the giving spirit. April is the month for paying it forward. so yes I want to offer a few things to you sis (my reader).  So stay tuned on my blog and social media accounts. I guarantee you will see a giveaway,  and a few freebies! On another good note I excite to say that I finally got a chance to collaborate with an awesome brand. I can’t wait to show what I am working on.


Personal Note/ Goals

On a personal note last month went really well for me. I clean up my room and put a lot of things back in order for myself. I completed my fasting and even lost a little weight. YAY !!

  1. Finish reading “The Hate U Give” . Very awesome novel
  2. Gain more self awareness for my actions and what I say
  3. Face my fear. I am getting my wisdom teeth remove the 1st of May. I am so scared !
  4. Consistency on the blog. Stick to my schedule!
  5. Continue drinking 64oz of water daily
  6. Enhance my look

So let makes this month great sis!

push forward.