What’s Happening, August?

Happy August! The time is flying. I am going to miss the summer when she departs, however I am looking forward to fall fashion. My favorite time of year. I am already stocking up on affordable early fall favorites and some quality pieces from the thrift.

Sooo what are you looking to this month? 

I am looking forward to fall fashion to report on and trusting my gut, and being exactly who I am suppose to be. I am unmatched and you are amazing !

In today’s post I am sharing the a quick list of early fall trend you need to get into now! In addition, I am sharing my own personal goals & reflections! Let get into it.

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Let get into the fashion side of things as Fall is approaching. I know, I know the time has been flying. I am looking forward to warming up my looks with this ribbed knit body con dress I purchase from H&M. Olive green is an amazing color for the fall, very traditional.

According to the girls, some of the early fall trends are: leather, silk blouses, shirt dresses, and shoulder bags. Check out my quick list of Early fall trends to know.

Early Fall Trends to Highlight

  • NEW COLOR ALERT: Aqua, Cerulean, or Turquoise
  • maxi hem lines
  • white tanks
  • bomber jackets
  • leather jackets, shorts, or blazers
  • knitted sweaters
  • Mules
  • cardigans
  • Ruched dress
  • silk blouses
  • High Boots or ankle boots
  • oversized blazers
  • shirt dresses
  • shoulders bag, chucky jewelry—check thrift or vintage shops for some grand pieces

The fall is calling for shoulder bag. I am loving the Prada Adjustable Strap Shoulder bag! Thus, that is an accessory on my wish list. In addition, I am looking forward to wearing silk blouses, oversized blazers, and shirt dress. You can find these things that I am loving at your local thrift shops, and more too.

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What trends are loving this upcoming fall? Let me know in the comments!


Check Out My Early Fall Favorites



I mention earlier that I have been reading Jen Sincero, the author of “You are a Badass. How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”.

You are Badass..

I am so glad that the universe guided me to this book again. I remember reading it once before but it was so important that I read it now. As of lately I have been having a hard and yet again I am comparing my work to others.

When I begin to doubt myself then yet again I don’t act at all. I am paralyze by fear and doubt. Without movement then there is no action, and no growth at all.

Overall, Jen books make total sense and it has been helping trust myself, skills, and be total badass.

Book 2

In addition, I have been reading this novel by Honoree Fanonne Jeffers. It is called ” The Love Songs of W.E.B Dubois. A very historical tale that shares a family history from beginning to better beginnings to come. The reader and writer bug has got me and I am loving. My goal is to be finish with this book by the end of August. What are some of your goals this month?

  1. Working on improving my finances. I have been sticking to a budget, tracking my daily finances, and shopping with cash only 
  2. Setting up my resale shop. One of the hardest goals I want to finishing up this month.
  3. I am still healing. Everyday actually. So I give myself time to pray and meditate in the morning and at night. In addition write one thing down that I am grateful out of the day.
  4. Stand up for myself even when I feel like I am small. I am allowed to speak up for myself
  5. Work on time management by setting measurable and attainable goals for myself. I see that creating a to-do list has been helping stay focus on what I need and want to do for the day.
  6. When I am feeling stress out at work, take a day off or use my coping skill technique I learn for anxious moments. I can improve on following through for myself. Take action and trust in my skillset 
  7. Commit to buying from 1-2 black owned business or donate to organization that benefits the Black community, or the underprivileged once a month.
  8. Remember to be kind to myself, Giving myself grace. Say one thing you love about yourself everyday.
  9. Get back into YouTube again! YOUTUBE Continuance. Produce 1 video each week to help grow my channel and influence.

What are goals are you setting this month?

My resale shop is called VintageLayn. I mention in last month post that I launched a resale shop.

New items will be launched every week on Friday at 12 PM EST. Thus, to be among the first make sure to follow VintageLayn here on Instagram and shop here

Have a launched a business? How did your first month of sales went ?

Music By: Beyoncé – Virgo’s Groove
Have you listen to Beyoncé’s new album, Renaissance ?

Overall, this month is going to be great month . I am going to stay ground and trust in my abilities. I am a badass and you are too. We are great at what we do. I want to keep reminding myself to believe in my strengths and not get so bother by flaws. In addition, early fall season coming. THis is aa great time to mix your summer favorites with your fall pieces. What are you looking forward to this August?


Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of AUGUST is an amazing month for you.

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