Event Recap: Enjoying Somrus at The Peterboro

Event Recap: Enjoying Somrus at The Peterboro

Recap: Summer of Somrus w/ Once Upon A Dollhouse

Sippin the “Achchha” aka GOOD

On Tuesday I was invited by Caitlin and Danielle to hang out and test a few cocktails from Somrus.  Summer of Somrus  was the invite to be at at on Tuesday. I had so much ! Any who Caitlin and Danielle came all the way from Chicago to hang out with Detroit’s very own bloggers and influencers in the area.  I had a blast networking, eating great Chinese cuisine, and tasting Somrus drinks.  It was only right that that I give you inside tour of what went on at the event.So the cocktail I had was called the ” “Achchha” It is the Hindi word for “good” Let me tell you the the drink was so good. It had the Somrus Mango Cream in it. The other beverage was called the Bahai Bramble.

Outfit Deets: I got a lot love on this outfit so its only right that I give yall the deets and links. Let me tell yall Old Navy is giving me life with these cool prints. This multi color floral print is so bomb ! And currently they are on sale for $25 bucks. And of course SheIn a has the deals. I this top is so bomb to me. I am in love with the caged look.

Pant: Mid- Rise Pixie Ankle Pants – Old Navy  On Sale !

Shirt: Caged Yoke Solid Tee- SheIn

Less Monday More Summer 


Let me tell yall  a bit about Caitlin and Danielle. There blog is called Once Upon A Dollhouse. They are best friends from Chicago who inspire there readers to live a healthy, and happy life. By doing so they showcase there love through yoga , music, wellness, fashion, and so many other things. Please do not hesitate to check them out. 

Hey !!Caitlin & Danielle

Back to the story.  Now I not going to lie I was bit nervous when it comes to eventing. I think I made eventing up. I define eventing as the action of going to events. Yes so I was nervous. I always get a little anxious before the event because you already know I want everyone to like me! So I lay the pressure on hard. Anywho, Caitlin and Danielle were super nice host. They help me take some pictures of myself. I just love that they came to Detroit just to hang out with a small blog community . Also getting a chance to meet other bloggers, and influencers in Detroit is so awesome to me.  I just felt so great to be in room with some many talented  women , and men !  It open my eyes how important it is to network and also to just to have a good time.


The Peterboro….

if your ever in Detroit, you have to check this restaurant out. It is located in Detroit’s Historic Chinatown.  The Peterboro is serving us fine American Chinese food and great drinks. It really something for everyone. They fo. The aesthetic in the building is so beautiful.  Check out the picture for yourself.

Bacon Wrap Shrimp and Veggie Spring Roll

So while your there if your palate has taste for fine Chinese cuisine then you need to check out The Peterboro. The Vegetarian Spring Rolls were bomb and the bacon wrap shrimp!


So beautiful in there !!


So much good food ! 


The Bar shelf was so cool to me !!


When sun hit you just right ! Glow !

Photo Booth Fun ! 

F is for friends who do stuff together… U is for you and me.. N is for …. Let me stop !

FashionLayn (Me) and Once Upon A Dollhouse 

Location: The Petersboro | IG: @thepetersboro

420 Peterboro

Detroit, MI 48201

Special shout to Caitlin and Danielle for the invite. They really don’t understand how much fun I had.


Side Effects of Being Loner

Side Effects of Being Loner

Let me tell y’all something. I have always been by myself. I am the only child… no siblings. Never had that many friends and the boyfriend department, don’t even ask- he just don’t exist on the this planet.  I can say that I switch back and forth from being introvert and extrovert.  I had to take a step back from the fashion and address some things that have been heavy on my heart. I know I am not alone in this category. I am super lonely and I am trying to figure out how I can get myself out of this hole I made for myself.

A loner is person that chose not to interact with people.  Let me add my spin to it…. I do classify myself as loner however I pick and choose when I want to interact with people.  Some days I do and some days I want to spend time with myself. I come from a long line of people that are loners in my family. My daddy, grandpa, and whole host of uncles that like to be by themselves. I got it honest  However, being a loner has been super heavy on me lately.  I am highly sensitive person and sometimes I need to check out for my health but no one really wants to be alone all the time.  I remember when my grandpa told my mother his feeling about his son, my uncle. He said “that boys need to get married, somebody that can get him a cup coffee or something. Right there my mom knew my grandpa was lonely. He spent so many years being loner that he some regret about it.  Back to me,  so a few days ago, my mom and I were talking  just about anything  like we always do. The next thing I know I  literally broke down in tears telling her how  lonely I was at home.  And how I didn’t know what to do.  When I go home it just me, no pet, no man, not even a friend to come visit. When it like this you have a lot of time to get inside you head, it really makes it hard to get.  The side effects I have appearance lack of motivation, my stress level is through the roof,  and I have been super negative. I am here to say that it not fun being by yourself all the time.  So I here to try to  rid us for being lonely. Friendships and relationships are more like food. We need it !  So lets try to fix this together.

nicole beharie black girl magic GIF by Identity
Source: Giphy

How to Cope with Loneliness

Don’t get wrong there is some positives from being a loner. Self Dependent, you stick up for yourself, and you know yourself without comparison. I think those are all good things. I think when it comes to being a loner is, are you okay with being alone or not. Also I think you should find a balance with being alone and interacting with people.

If you are like me and your lonely here are few things to help us cope with loneliness.

  1. Identify it: Try not to be in denial about being alone. Being able to see and admit that your lonely. Ask yourself why. Are you afraid to be afraid alone? What are you really looking for ?  Ask yourself the tough questions about loneliness. This is the time to get real honest.  For me when I started feeling alone when one of my closest friend move away. Now I might me being real dramatic however those are my feelings. We use to hang out a lot and she was big part on how me and are other friends stayed together. She is just called away but I we be in denial if I didn’t say miss her company.

    nicole beharie crying GIF
    Source: Giphy
  2. Healthy quick fixes: Loneliness can be so deep that we can find ourselves i  a bad relationship because we want somebody so bad.  Try you hardness not to get so down in the  dump. Talk to a good friend or relative that you know mean well and have a heart to heart. I don’t wanna any of us to get caught up in numbing or pain and issue with drugs, bad relationships, and other ways.  For me I talk to my mom when I am feeling weighed down by a lot of stuff.

    oh my god wtf GIF by iOne Digital
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  3. Help someone instead: Take your energy and help someone else out instead. Reach out to them and help through sometimes instead on focusing on other people not there for you. Strengthen your relationship with people!
  4. Get a pet: I have been thinking about getting a pet lately.  From understanding pets can help with your mood especially dogs, I am biased !
  5. Seek help through therapy ! :  If you are really having a hard time coping with being alone then I would suggest to seek out therapist. It is nothing wrong with speaking to someone about all your feelings that you have inside.

The Pain You’ve Been Feeling, Can’t Compare To The Joy That’s Coming.

Romans 8:18

So I am currently working through my loneliness. I talk to my mom and try more harder to reach out to my friends and strengthen our relationship a little more. Little by little I am opening up more and making new friends. So lets see how to bring me out of the dark corner .

What are some ways you cope with being lonely ?

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Feature Photo:

Location: Belle Isle Park

Photographer: Richelle Marie Photography | IG: @richellemariephoto


How to Prepare for a Photoshoot like a PRO?!

How to Prepare for a Photoshoot like a PRO?!

I remember my first ever photoshoot as a new blogger. I know I was super excited however I had no clue on what to expect. I had my line sister who was starting out in photography take my pictures.  Any who when I look at the pictures now… I was super stiff, I had a bad resting B face (I thought I was fierce), and I end up getting a bad headache and I felt super nauseous. It was good experience but the aftermath was horrible. I was so ready that I forgot to eat …. this why I am firm believer on being prepare for a photoshoot.


The Day Before the Photoshoot:

So the day before the photoshoot I am all over the place. I prefer to have everything all set the the night before.  First I lay out my clothes. I make sure that my clothes are pressed out, and I have the right under garments.  Dress Rehearsal are super important to me. I have to try on my fit the night before. I have to see if I need to add something, take something always. I just want to make sure that I love the outfit and that the outfit loves my figure.  Lastly, I lay out all my accessories, shoes, and props.

The Day of The Photoshoot:

The night before the photoshoot is super important that I get enough rest. So I put myself to bed a little early. I normally have my shoots set around 1pm-4pm. It make it easier for me to have my mornings to myself. So I am able to relax and be calm.  Give myself a whole hour to get ready for the photoshoot.. since I have to do my own makeup and hair. Then I allow myself a 30 -45 minutes to make it to my location. (sidenote: I normally take all my pictures downtown so it take a few minutes to find a parking spot).

So with that being said check out a few of my tips that I think are super  important to help you get those instagram worthy pictures and I am providing more tips after a few years of experiences.


Photoshoot Tips

  1. Look Up Inspiration– To get prepared for a shoot I always say look up some inspiring photoshoot ideas from Pinterest, or Instagram. Create mood board or whatever you need to do to get yourself  prepare for your photoshoot. Have ideas ready to present when a photographer is asking you what your looking for. Also it okay if you don’t have an ideas right now. Talking to your photographer can help  get a few ideas for themes, and locations. This will help you get a better feel for your photographer
  2. Dress Rehearsal– I think this is one of the most important step . Try on your outfit the day or two before your photoshoot. A outfit can look cute when you put together however does it look right on ! So take some time to try that fit and get the right underwear so you what have in harsh lines in your pictures. Also, who wants to be uncomfortable at a photoshoot. I know I don’t so save that stress and try that fit on before.
  3. Drink Lots of Water– Hydration is key. You have to keep yourself hydrated before and during the photoshoot, especially on those hot days outside.
  4. Practice in Mirror-  Practice your smiles and poses in the mirror. How do I pose … well I do whatever I feel comes natural. I also study different pose and looks on Pinterest to help me get idea as to how I want the pictures to come out
  5. Groom Yourself –  It so important to take some time and groom yourself throughly. Get your nails, make sure your make up is nice. Take the necessary steps get yourself ready for the photoshoot
  6. Get plenty of rest –  Leave the bags under your eyes at home. Getting enough rest is so important before a photoshoot. You need to shave all your energy so go to bed a little early to ensure your in tip top shape and no bags !
  7. Dont forget to confirm date, time, and location 
  8. Touch Up Bag-  I have to be my own glam squad .. to ensure you pictures look crisp throughout the photoshoot always bring some of your makeup of with you. I prefer to bring my Face Mist, Press Powder, and lip gloss/ lip stick with me just it case.
  9. Bring some snacks-  It never hurts to bring a small healthy snack with you. Keeps the energy up
  10. Bring comfortable shoes –  Bring comfy shoes just cases you are doing an outside shoot. Rest your feet in between  breaks
  11. Bring an encouraging friend
  12.  Relax and Have Fun !

Life is short. Do the photoshoot.

little sidenote:

getting in front of the camera is such a confidence booster. sometimes i feel a little sad  or just tired from the everyday struggle. sometimes i just need to get in front of the camera and show up and show out. i always feel at my best when i get in front of the camera. it is so much fun. i really hear tyra banks. saying, “do you wanna  be on top” … you know from america next top model… the theme song!  so when your in front of the camera remember you are beautiful.. flaws and all. 


Location: Downtown Detroit

Photographer: Eric Puschak |Website: EricPuschak.com | Instagram: @_erriiiccc_ | Special shout to Eric

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Happy Shoot Day !




Prints X PaperBag Waist with Eloquii

Prints X PaperBag Waist with Eloquii

Eloquii has done it again ! I was gifted this beautiful  skirt after attending the Grand Opening Eloquii Party in Novi.  Whimsical print right ? Eloquii continue to bring us stunning prints and beautiful skirts.  This print is so “IT” for summer!. The color alone is gorgeous and super excited  to get my hands on it.  I love anything that brings a different vibe to the floral prints. (i love floral aesthetics)  This dress is apart of Eloquii’s botanical collection!  I am for it ! Then the paper bag waist effect !  Lastly this has been on trend. Either you catch this on shorts, skirts and pants. I think this such a cute element brought to the waistline. This A line skirt is perfect for any curvy girl looking to accentuate their waistline. So yeah I am in love with the skirt! The only thing I would have to say about this skirt that it does get wrinkly fast.

Paper Bag Effect


everything you can imagine is real.



little sidenote:

 it has been so hard trying to keep myself going and motivated. as a woman i really get  down on myself. when i get down then i am unmotivated, and when i am unmotivated then i get behind on things that are important.. like my blog.  stressed  lately i have been so overwhelmed… when they say money is the root of all evil.. they were not lying. money troubles is definitely bringing me down and affecting how i move. i am almost 30 and i still don’t have it together yet. it really bugs me when i have to ask my parents for money. or i have to decline going somewhere because i just don’t have it. 

so i decided to take a small step back. i have to remind myself that you don’t have to spend all the time to have a good time. maybe this is what GOD is trying to tell me. so i  continue to budget myself, save my money and tell myself that you don’t have to spend all the time. you can find frugal ways to enjoy your life.  life certainly does not stop for anybody but i am not gonna stop living my life because money is an issue. this month and everyday is about joy. i don’t want to let anything stop me from living my life fully or blocking my joy. so this message is to all my ladies feeling overwhelm… keep pushing on ! don’t let anything , even yourself get in your way.  if you can dream it you definitely can do it. keep your joy.

if you can dream it, you an do it

-walt disney


Midi Skirt with Paper Bay Waist with Slits// Eloquii

Twist FrontCrop Tee// Shein

Again this skirt is everything ! Since this print was so bold I wanted to pair it with a plain top. I had the plan to pair with a black shirt, however I changed my mind. I wanted to bring out the white in the skirt so I put on a white crop top. I took a casual approach with this skirt and I do think you can dress it all the way up!

Special shoutout to Eloquii for always keeping us on our toes with their beautiful pieces !

Location: Downtown Detroit

Photographer: Mom – She is amazing with the camera .. Thanks mommy


push foward.



This item was gifted by Eloquii under no obligations or terms. All opinions are my own.