Story Time: Why I Was Inspired to Start Blogging?

Story Time: Why I Was Inspired to Start Blogging?

I felt compelled today to tell my story as to why I started blogging. I mention it a bit in about me page my blog. However, I never fully went into to details about. I feel comfortable at this time to tell my story. Disclaimer: I have to be really honest with how my brain process things at time. Ha, you might not like the fact that  I started with superficial dreams.  But it is my truth at that time. Hopefully this story will find you and give you to the courage to go for what you want in life. Motivation is the key ! There is always something that spark the flame within you to go for something.

So before I started blogging I was really unsure of myself and not really sure where I fit in the world. Struggling always to find my voice. On top of that all I had a low self-esteem. I would mask my tears and sadness with jokes, laughter, and priding myself on being the class clown. I always wanted everybody to like to me… I wanted to be popular. Let me remind you this was only a few years ago. I was totally confused.  On the flip side, I really did not have sense of style in my opinion. I grew up during that time wear Akadmiks, Pepe, Baby Phat “urban” street wear was in style.  I was mixing trend, wearing outdated things… simply a mess.  Don’t judge… if you are millennial you already know the early 2000s was something else lol !

Shocked Franchesca Ramsey GIF by chescaleigh

So how did I get myself together, First I had to let go of a few things that were hindering me in my past. Bad breakup, Bad friendships and embrace new endeavors.  I had to let go my feelings towards the worst relationship crisis and friendship during my freshman year of college. If you want to read the full story check out my beautifully broken post .  After that horrible experience a few other bad ones I learn that I have to love myself first before I can be in any relationships. So I started focusing on me. I started to take more pride in my appearance and how I valued myself over the time I had to myself.  I started dressing up more, wearing more makeup and trying different styles out. I felt I needed to look the part. I ask my mom for her guidance and I got really into People StyleWatch magazine. By that time I graduated from college and I  was working as intern in Downtown Detroit.  A girl at work got me really hooked on interest. I was creating boards and liking pictures left and right.  I knew at work it was dress free environment but I wanted to step my game up further. I wanted to prove to people, that just because I was a curvy girl does not mean I did not know how to dress that was false.

culture smile GIF

One day while I was on Pinterest I stumble across Kelly Augustine picture. Kelly is plus size blogger/ influencer.  She was so bold and regal in her picture. Kelly Augustine, then it grew to Essie Golden, Osha Waiters, Hayet Rida, GabiFresh, Naturally Fashionable … the list can go on and on.  I was super inspired.  They  were so confident and that want I wanted to be was confident.  Forgot the clothes I wanted the confidences that beamed off of them.  So in 2015 I got the nerve up to start FashionLayn.  And the rest is history !

fierce swimwear GIF

I started showcasing different fashion style however it was hard staying consistent at first. Then I transition into providing a positive message to curvy women. Now I am all into curvy fashion, speaking to millennial, and show off my city, Detroit. I absolutely love to blog and talking to you all like a real life girlfriend! Over the 3 years of blogging I have grown and overcome many obstacles along the way. I super proud with where I am now with my blogging. I am super excited to see how far this go for me !

So the answer to my question, I was inspired to start my blog because I wanted  confidences for myself. I wanted the confidences like all those curvy girls I shared in this story. It is still a real up and down story. I wouldn’t be me if I said I had it all together. I chose to share it with yall! Go for what you want and don’t let anybody tell you it’s not possible.  Be Confident This is my dream and currently living it ! 

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Special shoutout to BlogWithKim Mastermind Class who inspired me and others to share their story.



Burgundy Striped Pants

Burgundy Striped Pants

In light of New York Fashion Week, we are in full swing of the new fall fashion trends and style. I have to say I am little sad because yet again I miss out on the fun filled weekend ! The CURVYcon and the NYFW! Man my feed on Instagram was going nuts! However when life gives you lemons make lemonade. So I decided to have a little curvy and NYFW fun on my own on budget. So let dive right into this this fit.

Everyday is Fashion Show and the World is your Runway

-Coco Chanel

My outfit alone cost me only $20 bucks… wanna know how ?So first, put into practice shopping my closet. My funds were a bit low so I started looking for fall inspire fashion in my closest.  I found a few things but not a lot of things that I though that were blog worthy. Gotta get creative! So next…You already know I went to my favorite store to see if I can score a win. I also took some time out to visit the local Goodwill. I got a few cool purses !


My Outfit Deets….

While I was in Forever21  I came across these Belted Burgundy striped pants featured in the pictures. I would describe these jeans, all over stripe design high rise pants. These pants have a concealed side zip closure and my favorite of the pants is the removable faux leather belt.  The kick out of it is that these pants only cost me $17.  Such a good deal ! If you know me I am fan of clothes that can be worn up and down. If you want you can casual where these pants with a graphic tees and gym shoes. If you want you can where these pants at work or wear them out on the town. I absolutely love the fit of pants. They fit my frame very well and have nice woven feel to them.

So I paired these striped pants with grey structured sweater with flare sleeves. I also got this $4 studded fanny pack from the Goodwill . This fanny pack went really well with my triple buckle ankle boots. Silver is another know fall fashion trend so I guess you can say I was testing out

Grey High Neck  StructuredSweater **Old**

Burgundy Striped High Rise Pants// Forever21  **On Sale* (Similar)

Triple Buckle Ankle Boots// Forever21 **old** (Similar)

Studded Belted Fanny Pack // Goodwill


little sidenote:

there is light always at the end of the tunnel. sometimes we dig ourselves a hole that we do not know how we are gonna get out.  or sometimes other things can be to hard to bare. i am experiencing this currently i am not sure what to do as of now. but i am here to say that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. whatever it is that your going through.. the best way to get past it something is to go through it.  yes it is so hard but you have to do what you feel is right. when your going through something my mom always told me to have a clear head when making tough decisions. i also said that you should talk to someone that you trust. whatever it that you may be going through is that you are going to make it. also don’t beat yourself up with whatever decision you make, a good friend told me that. 

Grow Through What You Go Through



Location: Detroit, MI

Photographer: My mom is the best !!

What are you enjoying so far about NYFW ?

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push forward.


It’s September

It’s September

To be totally honest I am so glad August is over ! Like seriously glad it is over. I had fun , and my trip was so awesome but August really made me tired. Simply pulled all over the place. I did not accomplish anything that I feel is note worthy and no goals accomplish !  I may be a bit hard on myself but seriously SMH, real life definitely got at me.  I would not be a real person if I didnt say that things get hard. But I am well aware that all of  this hardship is temporary. So with all that being said September is the month to get back on target ! This month is all for finding balance and keeping it! Balance in wellness, personal life, blogging; umm lets just say everything.  On the flip side, September is one of my favorite months because the season starts to change. Crisp cool air, apple cider mills, and the beautiful autumn leaves. !  Fall Fashion !! If you love fall let me know why down below in the comments!!

Fashion Note

I am so excited! Fall is on its way Yes!! All the September issue magazines have hit the stands and they are giving us all the details on what is in and out for the fall.! My favorite magazine since People StyleWatch is no more is Instyle Magazine. Yes sis this issue is giving me all the tea on the trendy looks, classic looks and accessories.


Can you tell I love fall fashion. I really do so you are going to see a lot of cool looks on the blog. Brands that I want to try out this Fall on this month: more SheIn!, Asos Curve, Pretty Little Things! Can you believe I haven’t tried FashionNova? Well I am going to be trying them too ! 

Blog Note

I have a lot of ideas free floating in my head! When it comes down to the blog I want to stay focus on bringing new and quality content to the blog ! Over the past few month as a blogger I have grown up. I see it get better everyday. I simply want to branch out to other things that make uncomfortable when it’s comes to blogging . Pitching ideas, self hosting, and creating a product . Anyway I want to celebrate that I have gain 100 followers on WordPress. Wow its amazing to know that I am receiving positive vibrations to the blog. Also last month I was feature on Forever 21 plus size Instagram page! I am hoping I can get feature again !! On another note, remember when I said I was going to release my self care planner template.. yeah that did not happen. Still working on how to make this into downloadable print template.  So this coming before the end of September for sure ! Especially for the school year. I know some of my sis are school and it will beneficial. Lastly I am so excited to be going to another Femology event.  If you did not  know a few months ago I went to the Blogger Bash and it was so amazing. This time is Robes and Rosé event ! I am here for this. I love getting a chances to meet new bloggers and networks. As blogger if you really want to flourish I think it is important to develop real relationships with people. So yes with all that being said it so much to look forward to this month.

Personal Note/ Goals

Lastly, now to fix my real life…. I feel like sometimes everything else goes so great but my personal life is always goes a little sideways. So again, this month is all about staying in a healthy balance. Not to far one way or to the other. We all been there! On the flip side, I am super excited for the apple cider and cinnamon doughnuts. This might be extreme but you have not lived if you never tried hot apple cider ! Below are a few of my personal goals that I am working. I need an accountability partner !

  1. Limit my distractions.
  2. Drink more water, Eat more veggies !
  3. Reach out to brands for collaborations
  4. Visit the Cider Mill and get hot apple cider and cinnamon doughnuts !
  5. Start reading “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” Maya Angelou

Ah September ! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul

Yes September I have so much to look forward! Quality content for my readers! Bomb affordable fashionable looks ! Of course I can’t forget about myself… finding some balance.

What is your favorite season ?

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push forward.


Remixing The Plaid Styles with Target

Remixing The Plaid Styles with Target

Trend Report ! I am bringing y’all the trend report and the report is telling me this…. Blazers, hounds tooth, plaids, pin stripes, blouses, loose trousers to booties are on the seen this fall. I am here for this trendy look ! I am remixing a couple of trends in this outfit.

So first, I started looking for a pantsuit, but check this nobody told me that finding a really cool pantsuit was going to be so hard.  You know I really got into Beyoncé and Jay-Z pantsuits in the Apesh*t video ! If you don’t know pantsuit are really in style this upcoming Fall too.  So I’m on all the sites trying to find a suit that fits my shape.  I would stay Eloquii is the best place to start first.  However, it is still a struggle bus for me!  I have an hour-glass shape and sometimes I can be considered a pear shape . Lately, I have been in between sizes not sure what really fits right any more.fullsizeoutput_2308 My waist is super small and my hips are super wide so trying to find the right pants to fit my figure is super hard. SMH So that left me to my creative juices.  When the world gives you lemons… yeah yo should know this by now.. you make lemonade. QTNA: how am I going to bring a street style suit look to blog… HMM I think I got it.

Target released their new brand called Wild Fable in the beginning of August. Wild Fable I would say is a super cool retro 90s- inspired brand for teen girls and young women. There sizes range from 0-26W  ! I am here for it sis. Anyway I came across this cool plaid bodycon dress with the button coming down the side.  OMG I was in love in the dressing room.  Since I could find a pantsuit yet,  yes I remix the plaid print. I figured  out a  way to make it work for my body as well still be stylish ! Hmm am I getting Clueless vibes ?? Before Stacey Dash lost her mind I was really a big fan of Clueless the movie and the show … and Dionne Davenport was super cool to me ! This look definitely making me think I am in updated version of Clueless.. you can called me Mona Maven .. lol IDK

Clothes, Popularity… Whatever ! 


Are you talking to me ? Ugh As If !

So I got this glen plaid, straight neck body con dress that is killing the game, in my opinion, with the buttons on the side from Target.  The button details are my favor and that was what really hook me into this dress. I have to say this, Target has really been coming through with these different brands and cute looks! They have gotten quite stylish over the years and I am here for it. Yes so this new brand to their conglomerate is called Wild Fable and it is featuring this dress. In my opinion you can dress this up or down !  When I first put this look together I initially added the triple buckle boots to the look. Booties are an essential to the fall season.Then I thought to myself that I really need to add a pop of color to bring  look together. Who really want to be strictly black and white. Kinda a boring ! Lets add a pop of red.!! Yes Then I  added a blazer to show that you can get away with wearing this dress in the work place not really disturb the peace.  On the flip side  if you really feeling the mood you shed a layer or two and go right into enjoying your Friday night. Lastly this dress would look great with a white plain tee underneath to really give off that 90s inspired style.


My Outfit Deets…

This dress is super cute. I absolutely love the fit and really think this will fit well for the hourglass shape curvy woman. I got this dress in XXL in the junior size.  This dress definitely has the stretchy material . Thank you God ! I can get my backside in it !! The great thing about this new Target brand that feature items that are my curvy girls (Sizes: 0-26W). Note this sis, I am all about saving us some coins in you pocket. This cute dress ran me only $25 bucks. The price point stops at $40 per piece. A deal right !

Black and White Plaid Bodycon dress//Target/Wild Fable (Similar), (Similar), (Similar(On Sale Similar)

Black Blazer//Forever 21 **old** (Similar)

Triple Buckle Ankle Boots// Forever21 **old** (Similar)

Red Circle Bag with Black Tassel // Mpulse Boutique (Similar)

Red Rimless PC Sunglasses

Mona Maven has arrived ! 

little sidenote….

can you believe how fast the time is going. the stores are literally switching everything out to fall attire! summer stuff on sale! pumpkin spice this and that.. and to tell you the truth it is still hot as hell outside. when it get close to the fall season i really play close attention to how fast the time goes. i look and the next minute i know it whole another season, another birthday. i want to stress how important it is to live you life. when they say life is short, it really is. so yes it time to focus on things that really make us happy and dump all the things that make us sad. in all honesty how many more summers do we have left. jenifer lewis said in an interview on the breakfast club that you can’t have anymore of my summers. that really stuck with me.  get out there start living out your dreams its not to late.  have fun, dance a little more, laugh a little more. life is too short to be stuck in the house or sad.  

sidenote: if you need to talk when somebody about.. get a therapist.. nothing wrong with talking it all out 

i really want you… yes you sis to live you best life! 

Life Is Too Short To Spend It At War With Yourself.



Location: Dearborn, MI

Photographer: My Lovely Mother !  Special shout out to my mom because she really comes through for me at the last-minute. I am so thankful to have a mother like her.

How Are You Going Start Living Your Best Life ?

I know for me I am going to start wearing whatever I want to wear and Stop over thinking !

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push forward.