Romancing Yourself

Learning How to Romance Myself

Hey!! Its fall y’all and you already know what that means,  cuffing season is in full effect. When the weather cools down people tend to snuggle up with somebody,  However, cuffing season has miss me this year.  I haven’t been on a date in years.  LOL yeah I know WHAT !!!  I have had quite a few prospects however people go ghost, it fizzles out, or whatever. It just doesn’t happen for me. Why must we feel sad or upset because we all alone?  I will tell you, some people do not find comfort with being alone and I am one of them.  But who says we have to be alone? And who says we have to have a partner to be happy? Do we really need to put all that in one persons hand? So the solution is Romance yourself! Do not wait around for someone to come to sweep you off your feet. Sweep your own self and romancing.  So today, I will be giving some tips on what you can do to spark the romance in your life by yourself.


Romancing yourself is a time that you get to learn yourself, and spend time with your self among all of your likes and things you enjoy. Its that inner peace that you get. Lord knows I need some inner peace! My favorite part of this is that I get to learn myself. Sometimes I feel like a lose a bit of myself when things don’t work out with guys. Kinda sad but like Queen Maxine Waters says, “I’m reclaiming my time”. Romancing yourself is one of those things that you should be doing 365 days of the year. So my plan is to put some things in perspective and romance myself. I believe doing this all the time will improve my well being.


How to Romance Yourself?

So ask yourself first what do you like about being romances ? Do you like cards, flowers, pampering, or whatever it. I’m going to say that I love to pamper myself. So how I would romance myself is to treat myself to spa day each month. Simple right!! That all you have to do is treat yourself like your the love of your life. You are the love of your life so treat yourself right!

  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Write a love letter to yourself/ Tell yourself how much you love yourself
  • Get massage or pedicure/manicure
  • Take yourself on a date!
  • Treat yourself to something nice
  • Do something for others !
  • Take care of your body – Eat right!
  • Spend time with people that care about you.

All of this can make you feel good about yourself. I think all of these things can take the pressure off of finding that significant others. In addition, this is your time to reconnect with yourself. A little prayer and meditation never hurt anyone. Use the time wisely, you are your number one priority. A person that love themselves are super attractive. So let the love for yourself radiate.

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IMG_9388.JPGOn the Fashion Tip: When fall is in the air sometimes you have to transform. Transform and walk into the darkness. Dark colors, dark lace,  velvet, and Victorian style clothing all on the runway. The Moody/ Dark Romance. The evergreens, cranberries, plums, and black. Loving the colors. I was definitely intrigued by the look dark  floral from NYFW 2017.

But without the dark we’d never see the stars.


Shop My Look:

Top: Worthington Long Sleeve Ruffle Blouse// JCPenneO y (LINK)

Shoes: Nine West Velvet Booties// Marshall (SIMILAR)



I truly enjoyed this look so much because it was something different. I don’t normally follow fashion trends out of magazine. Moody Romance ! So this how I stumble upon this outfit. First I found the Velvet black booties at Marshall. You already know it hard to find size 10. So I pick them up fast. Then my mom found this top in JCPenney. At first I was not sold on this top but can admit I was so wrong.

**Special Thanks to Richelle Marie Photography for the amazing raw pictures. Always a winner.

IG: @richellemariephoto

Website: (LINK)







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