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Yessss y’all !!! FashionLayn got a new and improved look! She is bring sophistication and fun to the website world. Okay! This has been 2 months of saving money, working with others and such to get this new paint job off the ground. I just know I did not have any intentions to change the way FashionLayn looked before. I was content with it and proud of what I already had.  However, one day my sister ask, HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT REBRANDING!  This statement rang in my head for a few days.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”

-Robin Sharma

On today’s post I will share my story on rebuilding and rebranding my blog and how I embrace and accept change. This quote, above really explains how I felt during my trails with creating and finalizing my blog, and also to EVERYDAY LIFE.


“Change is hard at first,

Long story short, I was texting my line sister, Richelle, to see how she was doing. You know just checking in. I asked her how everything was coming along with her entrepreneurial endeavors. She told me and ask me about my blog. Anyway, she said to me have I ever thought about rebranding. HMMMM…. I told her I thought about it, however in the back of my mind I was afraid to change. I was giving a lot of excuses like,  It’s too hard. I already like the colors I am using. Just a bunch of excuses to stop. Remember I told what I told you sis, we can be our own worst enemy.

So, I noticed I was getting in my own way and she noticed it too. Every time I gave a excuse she gave me a way out of each and every excuse, so I stop fighting. I embrace the blessing and the push for change that GOD was giving me through my sister.  It is hard to accept and embrace change because sometimes it feels like it force upon you.  It is that uncomfortable feeling that I am not quite use to it. However, Change is inevitable and necessary for growth. 

messy in the middle

First thing first, I laid out the foundation by going back to the basic. Writing out my niche, and really trying to figure out what I need and what to improve for my readers. Also, trying to figure out how visually pleasing I wanted this to look. So I wrote out colors, research my demographics, and  more. Immediately, I texted my long time friend, Brandi, to help me come up with a logo. We spent a lot of Sundays together trying come up with the right logo to show growth.  LOL, we learn from the past mistakes we made from building my previous logo before. It was so nice working along side her.

Anyway, the fun was short lived because it definitely got messy in the middle. I needed money, and for a struggling blogger with no leads it made it extra hard to make the necessary changes to something you know can be great. So I work overtime hours to get the money I need to make the upgrades to my website.

The messiest part of this whole process was adding this new chic theme to my website. My site is not self-hosted and to trying to find a theme that works with WordPress.com account is hard. I did not what to purchase a theme and then find out that it incompatible with my account. Anyway, I found that perfect theme, bought it, and uploaded it.  OMG, the worst thing happen….. everything set back to DEFAULT. My previous post were gone, my menu bar was mess, and my account was sending out bogus emails. My heart sank to the floor. How was I going to clean up this mess?

and Gorgeous at the end.”

Well I spent three whole hours while doing my actual job trying to correct my mistakes. Moving this here,  and replacing that! I stayed calm through this ordeal. End results my website look gorgeous, I would never thought my blog would look so polish and put together. Phenomenal !!  New logo, new theme,  and new pictures.  Why was I stalling again?!

This was all GOD, and I am so grateful for the friends that push me to change! I told myself earlier on this year, that it is the year for elevation and taking myself seriously. I got to shout it out loud, I DID THAT, SIS!

5 Tips on Embracing Change

  1. Use other’s perspective
  2. Try something new even if it scares you
  3. Stay calm
  4. Shed out your own skin
  5. Learn to live with uncertainty

Location: Downtown Detroit

Photograher: Malaika Hilson | @malaikahilson | www.malaikahilson.com

Note: Please check out Malaika’s work, she is amazing photographer!

Have you ever had to do something uncomfortable?

Were you forced to change? 

How did you embrace and accept the change? 

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk sis!!

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push forward.



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