10 Simple Ways to Stop Overthinking

So, I can create a whole climatic event/ story in my head, and that is because I am an over thinker. Overthinking is exactly  what is it, thinking too much. I overthink everything and guess you can say that I am addicted to thinking. Positive thoughts or negative thoughts (mostly negative), I think all throughout the day. Worst of it all I have not made any type of action.  The constant ruminating and worrying definitely takes a toll on me mentally. Clearly I am living in my life too much in past and the future. I need to be present today.

As a highly sensitive person a strength of mind is deep thinking. My thoughts can translates into some great things. On the contrary, often times we can get bogged down and stuck on unnecessary things because we overthink.  Next thing I know my mood is shot, drained, and sad. On today’s post I will share a 10 simple ways to counteract overthinking everything.

“Overthinking will destroy your happiness and your mood. It all make everything worse than it actually is. Take a deep breathe, exhale, and have faith. What’s meant to be will be”


Why highly sensitive people over thinking anyway?

First thing first,  a highly sensitive person process information very deeply, okay! We take a lot of things at face value, and bam our brains are moving. We naturally take in a lot of information and seek out a lot of information as well. It could be a good or a bad thing at times. Sometimes, too much information tends to make high sensitive folks, such as myself over think/ process things hard. Balance is key. We have to find balance of analyzing and choosing our path, not creating unwarranted anxiety.

On the other hand, we strive so much to be a perfectionist. We are some of the most self-critical people. We critic everything little thing we do.  I told you, we can be our worst enemy. As a highly sensitive person a focus a lot of time preparing myself for all the things that can wrong. We have to remind ourselves, nothing and no one is perfect. Lastly, we don’t trust ourselves. This might have been brought up because some people or the environment never quite understood your sensitivity. So with all those elements I have compiled a list of things that can help you stop overthinking. I hope this will help your increase your level of awareness.

10 Simple Ways to Stop Overthinking

  1. Awareness: Before you take care of the problem with overthinking you have to know that you have problem in the first place. Take a step back and breathe, pay attention to how you are reacting to it.
  2. Think of all the things that can go RIGHT, instead of wrong: Overthinking stems from fear so you have to change your though process. Think of all the things that can go right for a change. This will help shift your focus off the negative
  3. Practice listening to yourself and taking action: Learn to trust yourself
  4. Distract yourself into happiness: When I find myself overthinking I try to find something to make me laugh or crocheting. These things always help me forget my overthinking ways.
  5. Put things back into perspective: Those who overthink tend to make the things bigger than what it seems. Putting a time frame on what ever it is can help you.
  6. There no such thing as perfect: Stop criticizing yourself understand that no one is perfect, so stop aiming for it it
  7. Work with your fear: Understand if you have one bad outcome does not mean all the outcomes will be bad.
  8. Faith in a high power
  9. Be present in the moment: As a over thinker our minds is either too much in the past or so far into the future.  You can not predict the future and you need to let the past go. Gain some awareness get back to present day.
  10. Accept your best: Do your very best and accept what you did as your best.

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Do you overthink thing? If so how do you stop yourself from overthinking?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk sis!!

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