Chapter 10|October Plans and Goals

My girl! How you feeling??  We made it to a new month! Yes a new month, new goals, new mindset, new intent, and new focus. Yes this month I feel awaken. I feel like I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to it. I spoke to one of my friends and he was basically gave me some needed spark in my butt to get my creative juices flowing for the month of October. Last month, creatively I felt drain and my page and everything seem to suffer. My mind was out of it and I got back in the insanity salad of comparing myself. You know just being really hard on myself. Anyway, I am back and I feel refreshed. I  am over my hurdle and I am ready to create again! Produce amazing content and work out my business plan. On today’s post I am going to share with you what to look forward to this month on

Fashion Note

Fall fashion season in now in session. Being a Michigander is quick tough in the fashion department. It very cool in early morning, however mid day it can be quite humid. How do you dress yourself in a climate that is quite wacky. I honestly don’t know what to do but I know I want to try out trendy & classic outwear pieces for the fall. So this month stay tuned to my many looks that correlated with my outwear pieces.

FASHION REPORT: According to October’s Issue of InStyle Magazine:

  • Polka Dots on muted tones & tailored pieces
  • Argyle patterns
  • Satin slip dresses or satin slip skirts with sweater
  • Utility jumpsuits
  • Monochrome pistachio/sage green looks
  • Accessories: Hair clips, top handle bags,  mini bags,
  • Outerwear: vibrant color coats, color block sweater, or Throwback windbreaker
  • Shoes:  chic flats, combat boots, loafers, ankle boots, etc.
  • Make sure you show off your “Pretty In Pink” look for the month of October

Blog Note

Last month was not good on engagement and my number were not good at all. I know it not always about the numbers however, I do not have a clue what going on. So this month I am going to focus getting back to the core of things. Focus on my niche: Street style fashion, self care, and anxiety free lifestyle.  In the process of it all, I have been learning a lot more about the industry, and how to navigate through it without getting taking advantage. I very excited to get back focus again and really take my blog and being a influencer seriously! Next three months are going to be great.

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Personal Note/ Goals

So as of lately I have been eating a little better, not perfect but better. However my personal life is getting together. Here are a few of my goals:

  1. Eat MORE  fruits and vegetables
  2. Drinking 64oz of water everyday
  3. Commit to my celibacy journey
  4. Pitch 2 to 3 brands each month- even when they don’t response-KEEP GOING!
  5. Take 10-20 minutes just for myself only. No blog, No social media, just me!
  6. Start my holiday shopping!

What are you looking forward to this month?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!!

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push forward.


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