Ultimate Black Friday Shopping Guide

There is less than 3 weeks before biggest shopping frenzy. Are you going out for Black Friday?  I haven’t been out for a few years and since Cyber Monday has picked up…. well I just stay at home. I hear and see how chaotic it can be banging for buck!

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I will never forget when I stood outside of Best Buy at 3am, waiting for them to open at 6 am to purchase a laptop for my freshman year. I was senior in high school and I was getting a head start on college life. Anyway, the line was wrapped around the building and it was freezing cold. I got into the store to find out that they sold out. LIMITED SUPPLY!

Since then I have learned from that fiasco. When I do think about Black Friday I like to start early and plan it out. I look and my finances and prioritize my shopping list to make sure I am getting what I need and want. In addition, I also shop around and look for the best deal. I really found a lot of good items when I participate in the frenzy.

To avoid the Black Friday headache or to stop wasting your time I have compelled a list of shopping tips. On today’s post I am featuring my best tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Let also not forget about Small Business Saturday!


Shopping Tips To Keep in Mind on Black Friday

and Cyber Monday….. 

  • Check your Finances: before you go out shopping, please check you finances. Most people make big purchases during Black Friday. Take care of your priorities before you begin to spend. HAVE A BUDGET. To learn more about holiday budgeting, click here.
  • The Early Bird Gets the WormPlan to start early to get the deal!  There is a limited supply of everything. I think brands do that on purpose to buy something else that similar to it. HMMM who knows. Some people start shopping on Thanksgiving night to get the deal.  Note: Cyber Monday can also save the day if you miss out on the item you are looking for.
  • Have a Plan: Do your research and know what you need to get.  Plan out what stores you need to hit first. Figure out is it best for you to go in store or buy online.

NOTE: Email & Ads has the tea: Check email and ads for coupon codes and information.

  • Prioritize your Shopping List: Create a list of items you need to buy. Try to organize your list buy IMPORTANCE and store.
  • Be Comfortable: Where comfortable clothes while your out and about. I would say to wear yoga pants and nice steady coat. Layering is key!
  • Know the Return Policy: Please make sure you understand all the return policy for each item you purchase on Black Friday. You may have specific return date or some items can not be return. Keep up with your receipts !

NOTE: Use Rakuten on Cyber Monday! Shop and receive commission for shopping at some of your favorite sites. For every dollar you spend, you will receive a small percentage in cash backs. To learn more click here.

Let not forget Small Business Saturday…..

I prefer to shop locally for small business Saturday. This is the best time to think about your small business or your local stores and boutiques. They have great deals and some unique finds. I prefer to patronize black owned business and/or women owned business during this time. Note: you still can support small business throughout the year. However, to get more for your money hit them up during this time.This year I plan to shop locally at The Lip Bar, David Vintage, Not Sorry Apparel, and Ferne Boutique.


Location: Downtown Detroit, Michigan

Photographer: My momma! Shout out to her for always being  available to take my pictures.

Are you planning to shop on Black Friday? Or Small Business Saturday? Or Cyber Monday?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!!

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