Chapter 11| November Plan and Goals

Happy November everyone! Look how quick we transition from Halloween to  the Holiday season, LOL.  If you saw my timeline on Facebook  you would see funny post and memes referencing the Grinch and the girl dancing super hard to jingle bells.

Well that how I am going to pull up at my parent’s house for that tasty meal my mom is going to prepare for Thanksgiving. (Sidenote: I am going to help her with the cooking this year).  Yes I love food and Thanksgiving food is such favorite of mine. To add to the occasion, November helps me put things back in to perspective, Gratitude. I try to practice gratitude to all year round. However, it more sweet when you share it with others. So, we all gather around the table, my mom and myself, tell each other all the things we are thankful for.

Yes! November is going to be another great. I am being very intentional when I say that. On today’s post I am going to reflect on last month while sharing my personal goals  and share latest fashion styles and trends. To add, I am going share with you all all the great post and goals to

Fashion Note

Can you say holday party season? Yes we are approaching the time where we are going to be dressing up a little bit more than usual. Friendgiving events, Thanksgiving with in-laws, company parties, and more. This month I want to focus on jazzing up my wardrobe, while keeping everything super affordable.  Chic coats, fuzzy looks,  bomb dresses, and colorful tights are going to be on my radar. So stay tuned !

Fashion Report: According to November Issue InStyle Magazine

  • Satin dresses are still making a statement
  • Croc skin & snakeskin- bags & boots
  • Knits on Knits- Sweat coordinate bring that eliminate of cozy
  • Retro sneakers- New Balances are making a comeback
  • Bright colors- especially yellow hues and lime greens
  • Layering- Mix Match with cozy pieces
  • Animal print
  • Woven leathers or Vintage inspired leathers
  • Clog heels
  • Gold chains on gold chains

There you have it!

If you want to know more on winter styles and trend, check out my favorite site Who What Wear. This site keeps me on my toes when it comes to styling myself.

Blog Note

A few months, I was having a hard time sticking to my schedule. I was totally uninspired because views were low and no engagement. So I started working on my business plan again. My business plan help light a fire under my butt. I am inspired

On the blog side of things I have a lot of amazing content planned for the month of November. I did a lot of brainstorm and reading other blogs. I have posts ranging from gratitude, holiday pieces, to holiday gift guides. It going down this November and I can’t wait to share it with you all. To add my YouTube Channel is almost finish and ready to go. I have been working on graphics and all sorts of cool things to make my channel pop. Keep a look out for that.

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Personal Note/ Goals

Lastly, in October I realized that I have been more self aware more than ever. Trying to eat better, more focus, and avoiding negativity. I feel like this whole year has been a year of self discovery. I have been learning more about myself and how things affect me. What I can and cannot accept. Setting boundaries! If you want to learn more about boundaries, click here. Overall I have been working on myself I am happy with strides I am taking. Still need more work tho. Here are my personal goals I am going to tackle this month:

  1. Eat MORE  fruits and vegetables
  2. Drinking 64oz of water everyday
  3. Commit to my celibacy journey- I have been doing great with this.
  4. Pitch 2 to 3 brands each month- even when they don’t response-KEEP GOING!
  5. Take 10-20 minutes just for myself only. No blog, No social media, just me!
  6. Start my holiday shopping!
  7. Finish reading Unashamed: Musing of A Fat, Black Muslim by Leah Vernon! A blogger babe!

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Photographer: Me- Alayna Bell

What are you looking forward to this month? What are thankful for?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!!

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push forward.

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