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Holiday Gift Guide for the Girls

Hold on to your heads because the holiday is in in full effect. From November to December this is time that we focus on giving gifts to those special somedays in our lives. I would have to say some of special people in my life are my girls. You know those friends that really gotten you through some of the tough times in your life. What can I get for girlfriends that have given me their time throughout the year?

When I think about gift giving I love to take into consideration practicality, self care, and uniqueness. I am kinda over just passing out gift cards. On today’s post I am sharing 8 gift ideas for the gals. It is a little bit of something for every girl in your life.There is less than 21 days left until the Christmas.

1. For the “Always cold” friend


Shop: Fleece

2. For the “Candle Lover” friend


Shop: Capri Blue Mini Candle 

3. For the Friend who need Comfort.


Shop: Satin Pajamas


4. For “TECH LOVE” Friend


Shop: AirPod Holder|Holder w/ Keychain

5. For your “Beauty Queen” Friend


Shop: Beis Cosmetic Case

6. For your Friend that Love Trends!


Shop: Word Hair Pins |Amazon

7. For your Friend that love Home Decor


Shop: Rihanna Book

8. For your Timeless Friend! 


Shop: Initial Necklace

There you have it. Simple gift guide for the girls in your life. Remember a gift card is awesome gift to give to your girlfriends too!

Let me know what others gifts I should consider gift giving. Let me know in the comment section

Happy Holidays!

 What are some other gift ideas for the girls?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!!

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