Bye Bye 2019: Let’s Recap the Year

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE !!! So yes we are knocking down the door on another year. 2020. We made it through. Sheesh, I am looking in the mirror right now, as I type. Checking that I have all my edges. 2019 was a big and bold year , okay!

10 years done and completed.  II say this …. Applaud yourself for growth, sis.  I have grown and You have grown sis! If you made one change for the better; during the course of this year and decade… you grew. You did it sis! You should celebrate and pat yourself on the back. On today’s post I am applauding myself! I made it through. I am reflecting on year 2019. The good, bad, and….. well lets not dwell on the ugly.


The highlights of 2019, I was able to meet and make new people. I can say with confidence that I can consider them friends. Awesome awesome people, okay! On top of being a social butterfly, I was given an opportunity to walk in fashion show for ELOQUII!  Omg, that was such an amazing opportunity to be bestowed on me. It was a confidence boost I needed as a fashion blogger.  While walking, in a major show I collaborated with a few brands this year, and made some money! Also, I was a model for few more brands/ new collections.

To expand, I hit 5k page views on my blog. To add, I saw some amazing people in concert, Lucky Daye, Xavier Omär, and many many more. On top of that I went on my annual trip with my girLS.  My year would not be complete if I didn’t celebrate life, and fun with them. Man ole man this year was full of blessings.


While living life, you do have times during the year that you have to paused. You many stumble but it always lessons learned.  First, I found a lump in my left breast. I was so horrified. I went to the upmost extreme to find out that the lump in my chest was benign.  So my faith was tested many times this year. I learned to walk by faith not by site. Trust the man up stair, GOD. These stumbles we face is life are here to humble us, test us, and learn.

Secondly, I learned in 2019 that you have speak up. Open your mouth, allow people in, and ask for help or support. It is okay, we all need some help at time! I don’t have to be alone, in my own thoughts, trying to make things work. A lot of times, I was crying out silently and wonder why nobody was there to help. Well, how do you expect for people to help when you don’t say anything! (Lol, I was just sitting at home, mulling around in my feelings.)

2019 was a decent year however, it was mentally exhausting. I work long gruesome hours at work while scrambling. Constantly trying to find time for self, friends, and blogging. It was hard at times to maintain however, I still managed to make it a good  year. I am happy to say that I starting my first therapy session in 2020. I am looking forward to getting to root of my issues , and learning more about myself.


Overall 2020… I want to do more. I want to give 100% in everything I put mind to. 2020 is the year for creating, elevation, be a better me, and FOLLOW THROUGH! I have so much I am looking forward in 2020. ‘

I want to say to you…. Thank you so much for being apart of  another journey of me.  You all are so amazing, from reading my content, engaging with me, and liking my post.  Shout out to you all! Thank you so much for supporting me! You are  all the reason why I keep getting in front of the camera, and pushing the keys on the boardI appreciate it sis!

Wishing you all a prosperous NEW YEAR! Be blessed!

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What are you looking forward to in 2020? What is on the horizon for you? What are some of your goals in 2020?

Share with me in the comment section. Let me know what I could add to this list.

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push forward.

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