January First…

Happy 2020 sis! Did you doing anything fun for the New Year? Well I spent my new year with the parents. It was snowing and I was too lazy to make the trip to city, where it’s litty lol. So I just was those specials on the tube and brought in the New Years with sparking wine, lol.

Well is day 1 of 365 days, and I am feeling so fresh and clean. I get to start my year off fresh and put my best foot forward. You get to wipe the slate clean. I get why everyone loves to celebrate New Years.

On today’s post I am sharing my personal goals, latest fashion report and trends, and brief blog note. I am super motivated this year and I can’t wait to share.

New Years FlatLay

Fashion Note

We are in a new decade, my good sis . I was thinking to myself that I want to elevate my sense of fashion. I don’t want to do or WEAR the same thing from yesterday. I going to swipe some things out of my wardrobe.

This month I am turning 30 and I want to transform/ and step up my wardrobe. Take a few more risk and spend a tad bit more when I am making my selections. Maybe a suit or two, coordinates, classic winter wear. Just know I am coming with some awesome looks this month.

Fashion Report

According to January Issue of InStyle Magazine

  • Add tickle me pink into your wardrobe:
  • Lug soled boots for the winter
  • Classic Blue, Pantone Color of the Year, monochromatic inspires looks
  • Denim on Denim
  • Remixing menswear
  • Quilted Puffers Coats
  • Anoraks w/ retro sneakers
  • Fleece jackets w/ combat boots

What on your radar, in regards to clothes, this month? Let me know in the comment section.

Blog Note

On the blog side of things, I am taking everything I learned in 2019 and applying it to the blog. Let apply some pressure! Blogging is my life and I want to this to be a well oiled machine. Sticking to my schedule and plan, pitching brands, having business etiquette, and creating a products.

I have a lot of crazy content coming to the blog. We are going to talk about winter fashion, winter skin care, resolutions, and more. Also… somebody’s birthday, and blog anniversary coming up. Yes it’s mine! There is going to amazing things coming y’all. Also to the add my YouTube channel is ready to go. So I will make an OFFICIAL announcement via Instagram and my newsletter. So excited!!

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New Year Flatlay

Personal Note/Goals

Last but certainly not least, lets talk about myself! January is my favorite month. Fresh start, birthdays, blog anniversary, and much more. It is important that I keep my energy, and spirit up. I learn so much about self last year that I know when, what can have be vibrating low. The focus this mouth is to keep my energy up and not allow negative thoughts or things in my space. This is going to be good month and I am being intentional about it.

In January I want to…

  1. Finish booking for my Birthday trip: I will share more about this later
  2. Sleep with my humidifier
  3. Drink 64oz of water daily
  4. Continue to commit to my celibacy journey
  5. Stick to my morning routine
  6. Add the last touches to my YouTube Channel

What are some of your January goals?

What are you looking forward to this month? What are your January goals?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope January is an amazing month for you.

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push forward.

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