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Mented Cosmetics Lipstick Review | Black Owned Spotlight

Queue the music, I finally got my hands on a 3 lipsticks and a lipgloss from Mented Cosmetics. Omg yay! On today’s post I sharing my thought on my Mented Cosmetics lipstick & purchase. Lets get into this review.

Beauty Industry & Mented Cosmetic Story

In recent years the beauty industry was not the most inclusive place on the market. Black women, women of color, or dark & deeper complexed women did not have a market that carter to them in the beauty community. Either lip products did not compliment our various skin tones. Or the foundation was too orange or too red, however we condition ourselves to make things work. Thus, Mented Cosmetics was born. Established by two Black women, in my opinion, help bridge a gap for Black women and women of color. This makeup brand has a full collection of lipsticks, complexion products, blushes, and more for tan to deep dark tones. To learn more, click here. As I stated, I got my hand on a few lip products. I am excited!

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Top to Bottom: Nude lala, Red & Butter, and Peach Please

Review Time !

So I was super excited when my Mented package came in the mail. Kinda like Christmas time.


When I open the package I was greeted with a cute Thank you note and lip products wrapped up securely in my box. I was very impressed by the packaging the lipsticks and gloss came in. My nudes lipsticks & gloss were in a matte black box with editorial lettering. Then my red lipstick came in bright red matte box. On the inside of the boxes the lipstick came in the color of each lip product was featured. So cool right, I love the thought that was put into the design.

Lip Products

As I mention before I purchase 3 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss!

First, Peach Please Matte Lipstick is subtle peach with coral tones. It is velvet matte nude and it has the perfect balance of peach and coral color. It complimentary to any skin tone. Such beautiful color on and I love peach lipstick. That subtle peachiness comes out every time. I stan!

I would pair this lipstick with brown lip linear to give my lip a bit more definition. Click here to check out this shade.

Secondly, Nude Lala Matte Lipstick is another velvety matte lipstick. It has a warm pink with brown undertones. This color is so beautiful and it the perfect nude for me. I love this shade on. It glides on smooth and you don’t need a lip linear to pull this lipstick together. It stands alone! Click here to check out this shade.

Next, is Coralition Lipgloss is a warm coral peach lip gloss. The is now one of my favorite lip gloss next to my gloss bomb. It add just the right amount shine and color to my lips. It is not sticky and last for a really long time. Click here to check out this shade and the other glosses.

Red & Butter Matte Lipstick is a bright red with a yellow undertone. My favorite red lipstick to date! I love bright red lipstick, however it hard to find a red lipstick that has the perfect undertone. This one nailed it! Click here to check out this shade and more.


Overall, Mented has a great collection of vegan,paraben-free lipsticks. I was totally impress by how smooth the matte lipstick glide on my lips. Not drying and sits comfortably on the lips. The quality is amazing and look amazing on my complexion.

To mention, I would have to say my favorite lipstick, right now, is Red & Butter Matte lipstick. I am also loving the Coralition lipgloss. Thus, Mented cosmetics is brown skin girl friendly makeup and I would definitely recommend their lip products.

If you want me to share more Black Owned brands or review more products from Mented, let me know in the comment section. Also let me know what you bought from Mented!

mented cosmetics swatched
Top to Bottom: Nude lala, Red & Butter, Peach Please

Have you tried Mented Cosmetics? What are you thoughts on their products

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of August is an amazing month for you.

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