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The brand for the fashion around the way girl…. is Black owned

Are you a fashion addict? I am definitely fashion addict. I love shopping for different fashion finds that suits my frame and affordable. House of Rehab is certainly a brand that caters to those of us with an addiction…. to fashion and love to express ones self through the eyes of fashion.

Just like their signature logo Fashion Made Me Do It, this button brough the heat and made me take these fun and firey photos of myself. I was feeling myself when I took these pictures over the weekend.

So, let me spill all the tea on this look. In today’s post I am sharing my thoughts and fashion find from Black owned business, House of Rehab. Let’s get into.

House of Rehab, is near and dear brand to me. This brand is so special because is is Black and woman owned brand, and the owner is an Detroit native. I have been watching this brand grow for quite sometimes and seen some of favorite fashion bloggers and influencers rock their pieces. Now it is mind turn to stan!

About House of Rehab

House of Rehab is certainly giving life to the girls. This brand giving the girls all the looks with their signature logo, “Fashion Made Me Do It“. Bold color purses , and crossbody bags. Chic blazers, button-up blouse, bottoms and more, beautiful.

House of Rehab was founded by Ashlee Marea, a fashion designer who was inspired to give all the around the way girl a place to shop at. First starting off as blog about shopping and trends to full on clothing line, with the tag line “Fashion Made Me Do It.” She is certainly speaking to fashion addict in me. What about you?

FashionLayn Outfit Deets

Let’s get into the look, honey. I live for good button-up, especially one that it super clean, and oversized. From the House of Rehab I purchase their boyfriend inspired button-up featuring Fashion Made Me Do It logo in black lettereing.

This shirt is certainly a men’s fit button up. Per the site if you want classic women fit then you should size down and if you are going for an oversized look, then you size up.

In frame I am wearing this top in XL. I am all for buying menswear inspired pieces…. more room. I love my button-ups and jackets to be oversized, so I usually size up or shop in mens section of the store. This button-up is pretty versatile. I can tuck it, tuck one side for chic look, or tie it in the front. Easily styled up and down.

You can wear this button-up with jeans, with sandal heel or sneakers. You can certainly remix this style by going with solid maxi skirt, with sneaks or with heels. Over the quality of the shirt is amazing. The material is made up of cotton and polyester. It pretty thick and has nice texture to it. Quality for the win.

This button-up can be found in sizes range from XS-3X and it retail for $45, online. In addition, this shirt is available in Black with white lettering. Not bad for affordability!

Sidenote: House of Rehab also have blazers, tops, handbag and accessories available online.

If you are loving this shirt you can shop House of Rehab on their online store. In addition, you can find select item in store at Dose Collective at Twelve Oaks Mall (Novi, MI) on Nordstrom side or online.

How I Style My Look

So most of you know, I love an easy streetwear wear. I need style that can take me from a bunch date to fun times with the girl in the evening. When am out, I am out all day and I don’t feel like changing, lol. This button is cool, structured, and chic.

I style this button up with classic pair denim jeans from Kut From The Kloth and my sandal heels from Shein. Mini bags are still pulling up to the table, so I bring along my black Telfar bag, another great Black owned brand. If you not into heels you can certainly switch out the heels for a pair of all white sneakers.

Button Up Shirt | Denim Jeans | Telfar Bag | Sandal Heels | Sunglasses

Overall, I am in love with my House of Rehab and this button up! This shirt versatile for my lifestyle. can’t wait to try out more of their pieces and to get my hands on their crossbody. This brand is pretty affordable, super stylish, and fashion forward. I will definite support again. Make sure to follow House of Rehab on Instagram, click here, to stay up on launches, sales, and more.

How would you style classic button-up shirt for the spring-to-summer months ?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of May is an amazing month for you.

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